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Did you know they're making a Terminator 4?

Asked by simone54 (7642points) May 30th, 2008

It think it actually has potential to be good. Christian Bale is an older John Conner fighting the robots.

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No I did not know that! Will there be a cameo by Arnold?

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awesome!! except there won’t be arnold :( .... he needs to make more movies, he’s hilarious. I would specifically not vote for him on that basis alone, if I lived in california.

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I love Christian Bale :D

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Oops hadn’t finished that, I did not know they’re making a fourth. I love the first two but I wasn’t a huge fan of the third so I wonder how this one will go.

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The third one was okay. It was a decent movie worth watching.

I don’t think Arnie is allowed to do movie while he’s in office. I hear he does WANT to though, I’m they’ll have some reference to him.

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I live in California, and he makes a much better terminator than governor. He’s surprisingly short for being such a burly action hero.

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I live in California too, and I should say, as far as education and health care go, he still is The Terminator.

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They’re filming the bulk of it in the brand new movie studio south of Albuquerque.

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@shrubbery, Yeah Christian Bale is amazing! Have you seen Equilibrium? Great movie.

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they’re actaully making 4, 5, and 6..
Everybody has signed on for a new trilogy.

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I don’t know if there is anything stopping him from acting while he is in office, the only law that I have ever heard of is that they can’t run his films, etc. while he is campaigning, as it gives unequal time to his opponents. They did that with Reagan while he was running for Gov. and Pres, but the day the election, they started airing them again. It is more a personal choice otherwise.

For talk shows, etc. I believe they have to at least offer equal time to all candidates.

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the latest word is that Arnold will be doing some voice work on the films but so far, there are no plans for him to appear.

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…so he’ll be baaaack.

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@8lightminutesaway, No I haven’t, I will have to check it out. He’s great in American Psycho though.

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