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What type of girls are "desirable"?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) June 13th, 2012 from iPhone

Of course each guy/girl might have a different opinion on this. But, I’m curious.

I heard girls who don’t want boyfriends and are happy are desirable.

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Wonderful breasts attached are simply a must & a good sense of humour, obviously.

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Girls who make guys feel good about themselves in a genuine way.

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The ones that don’t go for stereotypical, unfunny men.

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“might” ?!?!

Everyone’s tastes are different but, as my grandmother was fond of saying, “There’s a lid for every pot”.

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petite, skinny, big eyes and nicely drawn.

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For me? Smart, sane, straight, and stable.

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It totally depends on the guy doing the desiring.

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For me, intelligent ones.

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the female kind.

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The ones who:
– Don’t like to gossip
– Are smart with money
– Aren’t shallow, gold-digging, or materialistic
– Are fit. Not scrawny, but fit. (Nothing could be more of a turnoff than a woman who refuses to exercise… for me anyway.)

Positive things?
– Serenity. There’s enough angst in the world without being with a woman who is always stressed, or unhappy.. one who can laugh in the face of hardship instead of wallowing in depression and downing a tub of ice cream
– Playfulness
– Intelligence

Really, there are just too many things to list.

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Best qualities (in no particular order):
– intelligence: the ability to learn and teach
– sense of humor: especially about themselves
– empathetic: can understand and relate to people outside of herself
– kindness: especially to anyone serving her, and especially to children
– confidence: isn’t afraid to go after what she wants
– a little beauty never hurt

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Grown up “girls” who have a big of wisdom and humor about them.

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boobs and derriere

All above qualities sum up into da Megan Fox…Bilbo forgot about Arwen…after Meeghan now…36“29“38”...oooohhhh….aaahhh

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Smart ladies with disproportionally large behinds. They’re hard to find.

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Stay away from my wife Mr. Berry.

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Berry, niki minaj? watch starship music video!

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@cprevite I was just looking, that’s all.

@minnie19 I said smart as well, lol

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Besides the physical aspect (obviously the more shapely, the better, we are after all a very ‘visual’ gender), what this particular fremen finds attractive in a woman is an “old soul” (this might sound hmm… tacky(?) but I sometimes feel like I’ve been around for countless millenia, not really sure how to explain this better), directness in expression – I think many guys will agree that not being able to get a straight answer from a girl can be mind-numbing – and a thirst for adventure / a “lust for life” sort of thing.

Thing is, you get what you give. Whatever qulities you project, that’s the kind of person you will attract.

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Somebody who is attracted to me for my personality, demeanor, likes, dislikes, etc. No initial facades either, and they need to be personable (at least around me). Bonus: Drama free.

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The ones that ask interesting questions.

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