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Wie schreibt man eine Erklärung zum Copyright eines Layout-Designs?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) May 30th, 2008

Nur an Deutsche User – aufgrund der sprachlichen und gesetzesmäßigen Eigenheiten unseres Sprachraums!

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Überprüfen Sie die Creative Commons web site zu copyright an

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Ich weiße nicht.

For everyone else, unddiefliege (“and the fly”) has requested (“Nur an Deutsche User”) that only germans should reply.

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Oh, good. I thought that I was going to have to take German lessons.

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I’m going to fly in the face of his request and reply anyway.


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@ben, ha!

Nice answering a “How” question with “Yes.”

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Hey, I never said I speak german, just that I was going to answer the question.

So, Yes!

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[off topic]: I actually found the question interesting at first – even did a bit of searching for sample texts, but I’m not German, so I can’t post a response. I’m just not as cheeky as benseven!

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