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(NSFW)What is your craziest unfulfilled fantasy?

Asked by Deklandb (271points) June 14th, 2012 from iPhone

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever wanted to do but couldn’t because you were to afraid to ask, or get caught? Or maybe you have asked someone to help fulfill your fantasy but they’ve said no. Please for god’s sake nothing child related.

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Okay, so all the talk about penis size didn’t bother me because I have no deficits there, but then I got to this question. My answers are so tame I get a little red in the face. So on to my answer, Strip Poker, Menage a Trois, and a blow job where the women not only enjoyed it but swallowed. (it’s okay that my wife isn’t into that) I’M SO SHELTERED, battery running low cant check spelling.

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To get raped by a tentacle monster.

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It’s not a what it’s a who.

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Ahh, the tragic unfulfulled who. looks or love?

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Would love to have sex in a public place, you know the type when you duck into a corner and just do it and come back. I just never dated someone who was into having sex outside of the normal places.

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@creative1 Most guys are into that sort of thing, or at least most I know. But most aren’t brave enough to initiate that themselves, for fear of getting caught or because they think you won’t want to.

If you initiate, I’m willing to bet you could have sex outside as soon as you’d like to.

It’s pretty fun btw :)

As for my own fantasy… I dunno, nothing too crazy I suppose… 3-way, maybe some kind of kinky bondage or something? I don’t fantasize to far in advance, I just let things go where they end up going.. lol.

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If my girlfriend told me she wanted to do it in public, it would open the floodgates. After that i would ask to do it outside constantly, and i’d probably ask about what other amazing things she’s been keeping to herself!

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I’d quite like to be born, as I am now, a fully grown adult.
What a rush, although the “mother” is going to have to possess a pussy somewhat akin to the door flap on a tent.

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I suppose this sounds tame, but I wouldn’t mind having sex once or twice a week for a period of some months. Just to see what that’s like.

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@envidula61 Only once or twice a week what about once or twice a day for months now that is some good stuff

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It’s not a matter of being afraid to ask or of getting caught – it’s a matter of planning or logistics. I want a huge orgy, I suppose like the ones I used to have in college and I want to be penetrated in all my holes, simultaneously.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Now that is a fantasy.

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My fantasy? Picture it Sicily 1940…. just kidding. My real fantasy would be some crazy 3-some. Me and two guys (one of which would be my husband). I want to wake up one night and just have them totally taking advantage of me because they think I’m sleeping but all the while, I’m really just pretending to be sleep so that they can keep doing all kinds of freaky shit to me. Oh and I’d love to do some role play. Sitting in a bar dressed like a hooker while my husband asks me how much for a blowjob type of thing.

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Damn @Simone_De_Beauvoir just blew my little fantasy out the water with yours! Impressive little freak !

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My fantasy has always been to fall into a swimming pool full of naked women who were all hungry for me. Utter heaven!

Here come the mammary puns.

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Well, I would like to be already under the same pool by the time @wundayatta falls into it. Lol.

My craziest fantasy is not only illegal, it’s downright evil. BWAHAHAHAAAAH! If you saw that Denzel Washington movie where he fought and tries to outwit a demon who could possess anybody just by touching them, well, I would love to have that demon’s power for reasons totally unsavory!

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My new fantasy is to be locked in a room with all you freaks!

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Doin it outside is the shit, but I wouldn’t say that’s my fantasy cause it’s been done and it is also easily achievable. I don’t know. I’m really not that kinky or crazy in bed, I think I’m pretty fun, but fantasy…um. I would probably like to have a threesome with two guys with nice packages. I like penises?

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The craziest one? Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortenson, Daniel Craig, Scarlett Johannsen, and me… all tumbling around in this sweaty, hot, raunchy fuckfest.

The most realistic and likely to never be fulfilled? A threesome with my husband and another woman.

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I’m the oral servant of a beautiful black woman with a big, perfectly alluring ass. She generally wants a long, slow session of clit linking that brings here to multiple orgasms. I adore drinking down her copious cum. And when she is satiated, she always rolls over and lets me feast on her perfect ass.

She generally doesn’t want to be fucked, but once a month she makes an exception. Just before her period, she will call one of her very well endowed male friends to come over and pump her full of milky white ejaculate. My job on these nights is to get the hole/s she wants plowed filled with enough slippery saliva that the massive cock will easily slide into her right up to the hilt.

When it’s rear-door entry she craves, this means I must inject into her hole of choice copious quantities of extra-slippery saliva like you produce when your gag reflex is stimulated. So the guy/s throat fuck me, gagging me till I am dripping with that goppy goo that is slipperier than a greased weasel. After gagging on him, I turn to her and force my tongue into her nether hole. I open her with my tongue, and when she’s wide open, I force mouthfuls of the natural lubricant into her incredible ass. Then I clean up my mouth and climb under her so I can give her one more good cum while the guy’s big schlong plows her rear entry. After he fills her full of his cum, I switch position one final time and lovingly bring her down by probing her anus and drinking all the commingled fluids from her, savoring her taste.

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@ETpro Damn! You gave a lot of thought to that one didn’t you?

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Your avatar makes that description quite disturbing.

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@nonexpert At least I answered the question honestly. Deal with it.~

@Akua I didn’t have to give it a lot of thought. The question was “What is your craziest unfulfilled fantasy?” and that’s it. I have no intention of actually trying to act on it, so it will either remain my craziest unfulfilled fantasy or be replaced by some other crazy one.

@ragingloli My avatar shows why even if I were not married and faithful, that fantasy will remain unfulfilled. :-)

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@ETpro Holy hell. Ummm… Would it count if I put on body paint and wore a wig?

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@WillWorkForChocolate Ha! Not necessary. I’m totally an equal opportunity pervert. :-)

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@ETpro hey I’m not knocking you for that fantasy. I just thought it was very descriptive. And you kinda made me blush reading it.

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@Akua Not to worry. No offense taken.

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