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Would you please send peaceful thoughts to my plucky dog, Gus?

Asked by Plucky (10282points) June 16th, 2012

My dog of almost 16 years is at the end of his days. I haven’t been on Fluther lately because I’ve been taking care of him. This last week has been especially hard. I love him like my own kid; he’s been in my life since he was a tiny fluffy 8 week old puppy…and throughout all my adult years thus far.

All I ask is for positive thoughts to help him pass peacefully with out pain or stress. Thank you so much.

I ask that anyone who desires to post about “he’s just a dog” and other such nonsense.. Please refrain from posting.

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Peace and good thoughts to both of you.

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I had to put one of my cats down recently due to very ill health so I know how you’re feeling right now. All my best to you and Gus.

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I bet you can all answer this question.

Who’s a good boy!!

Scratch Gus’s ears for me, I wish I could meet him

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I’m sending good thoughts for both of you. Peace and comfort to Gus and to you. Hugs if you want them, I know how that feels.

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The truly blessed know the love of a good partner, the love of nature, the love of family, and the love of a good dog. The last one is the purest love anyone will ever know. Bless you Gus.

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Aw, I’m so sorry… I hope he passes peacefully.

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All the best to both of you. <3

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It sounds like the two of you had a great 16 years together! :) Wishing you both the very best!

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I am not a dog person, but I have utmost admiration for the bond between a dog and his human. It goes beyond a normal friendship. I agree, nobody should tell you different.

I’m sending warm thoughts—hope you both find peace and comfort.

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Peaceful journey, Gus.

@Plucky : Peace to you, too.

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It’s hard to go through @Plucky. I know – I’ve been there. Peaceful thoughts to you and Gus.

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Gus, I feel like I’ve come to know you a little by seeing your pic in @Plucky‘s avatar. I hope your final days are peaceful and if there’s an afterlife, I hope you enjoy your wings.

If only our mammalian friends could live as long as we do.

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(((((@Plucky and Gus))))) Hugs and love to you both.

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{{{{{Gus}}}}} Plucky, as you go through such a horribly heart wrenching time, try to remember that you gave Gus a great life. {{{{{Plucky}}}}}

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A dog will always live in the heart of his master . . . my thoughts are with you and Gus . . .

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My sincere sympathy to you @Plucky and a peaceful passing for Gus.

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I’m sure he will go out peacefully knowing what a wonderful friend he’s had in you. He has been a lucky dog to have you in his little life. May he go fast and peacefully and as for you Plucky, I hope you handle it all bravely and calmly.

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Please give Gus my love and a kiss on the tummy and a scratch behind the ears. God speed, angel dog. May heaven be filled with bones to chew, rabbits to chase and big old trees to pee on and toilets (clean ones) to drink out of.

Take care of yourself Plucky and know that we are here if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on.

I’m crying right now : (

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Gus, kindly say hello to my dog Pags if you see him up there. I wasn’t there when he passed away. Please tell him I’m sorry and I look forward to seeing him again. Btw, he’s a Japanese Spitz. He’ll be the one chasing the girls non-stop. Thanks, Gus.

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Awwww. so sorry. :-(
Nothing is sadder than hospice care for our beloved little furry friends. I went through this last June with one of my kitties.
Love to you and Gus.

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Yes Gus, all dogs go to heaven and when you get there will you say “Hi” to my Ruckus & Timbre and Nikki and Tamara? snif snif

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@Plucky, I was just sitting here in Florida finishing up my Fluthering for the night and I thought about you and Gus. I’ll send special prayerful thoughts your way tonight as I lay my head down to rest. I hope you both have a restful night. Much love to you both. Peace. bk

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Goodness, thank you all so much for your compassion and kind words.

Gus had a pretty good weekend. He’s been eating without vomiting (finally had some appetite back)... And not peeing everywhere like he was a week ago. He’s a bit dopey but pain free. Lots of restful sleeps too; I try to sleep when he does. The last month has been so tiring.

Basically, he is just old. His one kidney is pretty much giving in from the extra work over the years (he had the other removed 7 years ago); it is covered in cysts now. He also has osteoarthritis. He has lost so much weight in the last month, he looks emaciated. However, he seems content. He still gets excited when either of us comes home… And over yummy human food. Still has a wag in his tail.

I am hoping he passes peacefully in his sleep. But, if necessary, we have also been preparing to euthanize (well, as much as one can prepare for something like that). I’m not sure how exactly we’re going to deal with the loss, but we will.

Again, thank you all so very much for your support. I really do appreciate it. I will keep you posted on the little guy.

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@Plucky Good news, and, I am sure you probably already know this, but, don’t overload him on protein. Hard on failing kidneys. Bless his plucky little heart! :-)

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@Plucky Here’s another hug.

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Awww…happy and peaceful thoughts to Mr. Gus! Bless him, and bless you! :-)

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@Coloma Yeah, he has been on a low protein diet since the one kidney was removed years ago. Since he’s been able to eat again, I’ve been giving him a mix of boiled chicken and rice (with a bit of extra lean beef that’s been over-cooked and super rinsed). I was going to start giving him a bit of steamed carrots this week too. Thank you for your advice though :)

He started prednizone today. Oddly enough, he takes the same dose as my partner does (she has lupus with kidney issues). The vet said it should increase his appetite and that he might perk up a bit. He’ll be done his diarrhea medication by the end of tomorrow (Tuesday). Which we’ll all be happy about, as he hates the taste.

@raspberryjenn Thank you very much. And welcome to Fluther :)

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^^ You are a good dog parent. Kisses all around.

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Aww, thank you @Kardamom :)

I think he’s gained a bit of weight. He doesn’t feel as skinny; he must be more comfortable from that too. Its nice to see him so content.

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I’m glad to hear that Gus is more comfortable, @Plucky. I hope you both can feel the love coming your way.

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Gus passed away around 3pm on Jun 29, 2012.

We had to take him in because he just wasn’t doing well. He would not let go; I had a feeling that he would not go in his sleep because he is such a fighter and always has been. We were going to have someone come to our home but the only one we could get a hold of required 48 hours notice (for putting him to sleep). We didn’t feel it was right to wait that long as he seemed to be less content. Also, we knew he wouldn’t be stressed going to the vet because he wasn’t as alert to his surroundings. I still don’t think he was in pain but he seemed to not be feeling good… probably sick feeling. His breathing was much more laboured as well. He slept on the car ride there. We picked him up a plain cheeseburger from McDonalds, to give him before the fatal injection. He gobbled it up (he’s only had a few in his entire life until this week). When we arrived, I carried him in and was asked what we were there for (it’s a sort of vet hospital so it is a big place – less personal – with 12 vets working there) and I just welled up, not able to speak. My partner managed to say so. We waited until that afternoon because he knows the vet that was going to be on at 2pm (has dealt with her before). We were there over an hour before we gave the go ahead. I decided to stay there throughout the whole process (as did my partner). It was just horrible but I had to experience it. I felt I would regret not being there for his last breath. I owed that much to him.

I’m not sure how to get through this. I know I will because life goes on but jeez this is so hard. I feel I’ve lost such a significant and important part of myself. He was in my life for almost 16 years. He would have been 16 years old in a month. I keep trying to remember all the good and funny times with him but, right now, it is hard to get the image of him passing out of my head. I’ve been sleeping with the small blanket he has spent the last month sleeping on in our bed (I had a pee-pad folded into it just in case as he’d had some accidents in his sleep). Well, when I can sleep. I’ve had about 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. I woke up this morning and just started full body bawling into his blanket. I have never had to really truly grieve before – not for someone so close to my heart. This is new and just horrible (same for my partner as well).

I almost don’t want to be in this house. It makes me sad. He has so much stuff’s everywhere. I can’t bring myself to start putting any of it away.

With all the things I’ve been through in my life, this feels like the hardest. I’ve been crying on and off since Friday. I knew the day was coming and that he could not live forever… just, this is so bloody hard. I love him like I would love my own child.. there would be no difference.

I apologize for rambling on. It’s the first time I’ve sat down and typed any of it out. I haven’t been on the laptop because I couldn’t bring myself to come into the office room. As he always laid in his bed beside my desk chair. As I sit here… there it is, empty.
My partner and I feel lost. The house seems so quiet and empty. For such a little dog, he took up a big space in our lives; physically, mentally and spiritually.

A little heartbeat at my feet ..I’ll always remember him. I miss him and love him so so so very much. He was such a wonderful little being. My canine soul mate.

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@Plucky Awwww…he knew how much he was loved. R.I.P. little Gus. :-(

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I went through a similar thing. The places where you expect to see them are soooo empty…It dies get easier but it takes a long time. A big hug @Plucky .

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I’m so you are sad and hurting, @Plucky. It will get easier to smile when you think about the good times with your little friend. Thank you for letting us know. (((HUGS)))

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@Plucky – You said, “I feel I’ve lost such a significant and important part of myself.” You have! You’re going to grieve and hurt and cry and it’s completely normal. Gus gave you unconditional love which is almost impossible to find anywhere except our pets. Having that taken from you hurts and it’s okay to feel that. The pain will subside, and eventually the fun happy memories will have a bigger space in your heart and mind than the sad ones. You and your partner are in my heart.

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Oh dear Plucky, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m weeping while writing this. The loss of a pet, in some ways, can be much worse than say the loss of a relative that you barely knew.

Gus was your child, your companion, someone with whom you never had a cross word. He was always there waiting for you with a waggly tail and a lolling tongue. You are in a lot of pain right now. Lean on us. But try, try, try, to remember all that was good, and try to lull the sadness.

Don’t feel that you need to move his stuff out of the house right now, or ever. But eventually, maybe put it in a box, like a nice wicker box with a lid, something nice, a keepsake.

When and if you’re feeling up to it, you might like to make a donation, in Gus’s name to the favorite animal charity of your choosing. Some organizations even let you get a memorial brick or something similar so your pet can be remembered forever. And try to send a nice card of thanks to the facility and the folks that helped send Gus along to his next adventure. Those people have just about the worst job in the whole world, but they do it out of love and compassion. God bless them.

And then, sometime down the line, please consider adopting another animal from a shelter. You clearly have a lot of love to give, and there’s lots of furry creatures in need of love and a home. The love and companionship of an animal should not be denied to you, simply because you lost the love of your life. I simply could not live without the love of an animal.

With much love and sympathy for you and your partner, K.

What was that sound? I think I heard something way up in the sky! I think it was Gus, chasing a bunny and having another bite (one that he saved) of that hamburger! R.I.P. good old dog

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My heartfelt condolences, @Plucky> He is out of pain and suffering now.

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@Plucky I’m sorry for you loss, but I’m glad you could be there for him at the end. The cheeseburger was a touching gesture.

Bye, Gus. You were well-loved.

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I’m so sorry, @Plucky. Hugs to you, sweetie.

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Thank you so much everyone. I cry every time I come here and read your touching words. I have been purposely staying away for that reason. I appreciate it so much but it’s so hard. It still feels like it just happened. I’ve been so depressed. Embarrassing to say, but I have to force myself out of bed every day. I wake up and think “What’s the point?” then just lay there. I want him back. He was in my life for so long ..everything just feels wrong without him. My family thinks we should get another dog as soon as possible to make it easier on us. I don’t know though. Right now feels so soon.

Again, thank you. We don’t feel so alone when we read these posts.

And, yes, when we do get another dog (at some point).. it will be a shelter dog.

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@Plucky – Get a dog when YOU feel it’s right. That’s not something to be rushed. As soon as you feel ready, then go. Not before. And you’re not alone. I lost my beautiful sweet kitty Elizabeth 10 years ago and I still miss her. We have two cats so we’re not pet-less, but that doesn’t make me miss her less. What I can tell you is that the ache of this will subside over time and you will handle it a little better every day. {{{{Plucky}}}}

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Thank you again everyone. You are all wonderful people.

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Not sure if anyone is following this any more. It is now a year since Gussy’s passing. He is still missed and thought of often. I can’t believe I bawled my eyes out a couple nights ago, thinking about the anniversary coming. It was an anguish that felt just as raw as it did the day he passed. The little Pippersqueak (Piper) helps though. We still call her “Gus” once in awhile. Amazing that it still happens after a year.

Love you Gussy… we miss you.

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Still with you, @Plucky I have never forgotten my very first dog even though she died 60 years ago.

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Aww, @Plucky. You are a good person. Tender hearted and sweet. I have never forgotten my first dog either, @ETpro. They become members of your family and live in your heart forever.

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I have recently had a few weepy moments about certain dogs and cats, so I can completely understand how you feel.

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Aww, thanks guys :)

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