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What do you think of casual sex?

Asked by nikipedia (27986points) May 30th, 2008

Is refraining from casual sex a puritanical hangup or is it good physical and emotional protection? Is it all in good fun or does someone inevitably get hurt? Does your answer change depending on the casual-sexer’s gender?

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What do you think, @jp?

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I think it depends on the meanings individuals attribute to sex. I find it’s difficult for me to get into either because of my upbringing (i.e. hangups), or because I’m just a relationship kind if guy. I think if you can handle it emotionally there’s nothing wrong with it. Maybe it’s kinder, though, to keep a watchful eye on your partner to head them off if they start to read more into it than you (generally speaking, of course, niki) do.

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@robmandu: Let me draw your attention to my penultimate tag….

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heh @niki… sorry, just joshin’ witcha. No disrespect. ;-P

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get busy already just be safe.

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Whatever floats your boat.

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I think that ultimately, casual sex becomes less and less satisfying and less and less thrilling. I think that with emotional maturity, most people tire of the shallowness and begin to search for more fulfilling relationships.

Most of the people that I’ve met that still sleep around after their teens or twenties are developmentally stunted and often seem to be in a spiraling pattern of taking foolish risks to find that cheap thrill. I almost always find that they tend to be charming and entertaining upon first meeting them, but rarely have any traits that make them someone that I would want to be friends with on more than any superficial level.

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I’ve had a my share of casual sex which I can’t say I’m proud of but I’ve found sex to be a million times more satisfying and comfortable and explosive when you are in a relationship and the two of you become intimate on all levels and are familar with each others likes and dislikes.

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(Too many tags to read them all). The only casual sex that makes sense to me is with that old familiar partner…

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I’m a pretty liberal person and I believe in people doing what’s right for them. I don’t think it’s immoral to sleep with a lot of people, but I do think that if that is where most of a person’s intimacy comes from, there is probably a deeper problem. I’ve had my share of casual encounters, some of it bad, some of it amazing. What I’ve learned is that sex is far superior when it’s with someone I care deeply about, especially if we have an established relationship, are comfortable with each other, and know each other’s likes and dislikes.

I think casual sex can be okay, but it depends on certain factors, like if the people are mature and honest and emotionally stable. Otherwise, the situation will wind up hurting someone, making them feel bad, whatever.

Lastly, I think these days it is pretty unwise to sleep around willy-nilly. There are a lot of communicable diseases, some of which are incurable or potentially life-threatening. I personally would not even go around kissing random people.. more than 60% of the American population has herpes. According to the CDC, “Most people with herpes have no symptoms and are unaware of their infection.” Several STDs can be present with no symptoms and are still transmissible.

Also, as a public service message, I would like to pass along some information that shocked me when I learned of it: HPV CAN BE TRANSMITTED THROUGH CONDOMS. The virus is so small that it passes through the latex barrier of a condom.

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Sex can sometimes give the illusion of intimacy where none really exists, a dangerous way to fool ourselves into thinking that someone may really be into us when they’re not.

As kevbo (fl) already stated, it depends on the meanings individuals attribute to sex, but it’s far more difficult to shed your psyche than it is to shed your clothes.

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I think to many people think sex is what they see on T.V. but it’s not. It’s not that ‘naughty girl, tough love story, it’s the romantical side of the love. Two people should be emotionally together before they decieve themselves into thinking what they are doing is true love.

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It concerns me that sex is often portrayed as a hobby or some form of recreation. There are significant emotional, psychological and physical ramifications.

(regardless of gender)

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Thanks for the offer… But I’m married…And happily married to boot….

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Sorry, I don’t get it.

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Oh boy…Tough room here…
The question was ” What do you think of casual sex?”
Work with me here….
It’s a joke….
Like do you smoke after sex?.... And that answer is; “I don’t know I never looked”.....

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I guess you have to be there.

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i think casual sex has to happen after you have sex with someone you love. Having sex with someone you love is amazing because no matter what you do theyre still gonna be there, and as far as what casual sex is to me: sex without actually being with the person and not have to deal with the post sex things like should i call back or what ever. kind of like a one night stand its fun to have sex deff. but the thing is you have to know how you both feel about it. i mean its not casual if theres intense feelings, sex is good for the mind it keeps you free and gets your mind off things because its something that you dont really plan or think about when doing it and its amazing

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I think it is called “fornication” unless you are married.

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@Vicseay; Right you are.If you are married, it is called “adultery.”

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Casually sex is fun but in the end unsatisfying. Its purely physical and people end up getting emotionally attached which makes things pretty tough. On top of that no matter how safe you are you could still get one of the many STDs out there which I’m sure nobody wants.

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its personal choice if one dont value or respect their body they can do it with as many people their hearts desire and anywhere but am sure doing all that weather pay or not wont give you a medal cheerrrrrrrrrs

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All the experiences I have seen have ended up in someone getting hurt. Someone falls in love, the other one doesn’t feel the same way, etc etc etc.

So I think it’s risky business and I wouldn’t do it myself.

HOWEVER, I don’t judge others for having casual sex. It’s their choice, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I just think it will likely lead to heartache for one of the parties involved.

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It risks casual slaughter of your newly conceived child

condoms are only studied to REDUCE risk of HIV.

condoms are ineffective against DOZENS of STDs.

condoms are too porous to stop HPV

condoms have an FDA documented ~%14 failure rate


female birth control, whether chemical or mechanical, is ABORTIFACIENT not contraceptive


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