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Is there a device that will merge the sound from different inputs?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) May 30th, 2008

I have one AUX-in on my DVD-player, but like 5 RCA-cables I want to use. Is there a device out there (from a popular brand, it has to be available in the Netherlands too) where I can plug my cables into, and then it merges the inputs into 1 RCA-cable which I can plug into my DVD-player?


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sndfreQ can probably answer this…

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BTW 1000 stars :D

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Hi all-thanks for the recommendations. If the signals are standard def (red/white/yellow RCA cables), then you can research a simple A/V analog line switcher; they’re relatively cheap and usually don’t require power to operate.

The idea is that you plug in each of your devices in the bay of input jacks on the rear, and then run a single a/v line out to your Aux In of your DVD. Then on the front panel of your A/V switcher, there are buttons that switch between the signals. Keep in mind that the device doesn’t blend the signals, and only allows one discrete output signal to travel down the output cable to the DVD.

I’m on my iPhone right now sitting in cap and gown at my college’s graduation ceremony (I’m a professor, of a student), so I can’t provide any links at the moment.

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Thanks, I knew those switchers existed, but is there also a merger?

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