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Can anyone recommend a coffee thermos that actually works?

Asked by Yeahright (2759points) June 24th, 2012

I need a two-cup coffee thermos to carry to work. So far I have bought two (stainless steel), but none of them seem to do the job. Both failed to keep my coffee hot from the time I pack my lunch box at 6:00 AM to the time I need to drink my second cup around 2:00 PM. Not that it is totally cold at that time, but warm coffee just doesn’t do it for me.
Am I asking for too much? Is it realistic to expect any such product to keep coffee hot for ±8 hrs.?
Does anyone know of a brand that actually keeps the coffee decently hot for that amount of time?
If you do, could you share the link, picture, brand, and/or product reference?

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Might want to try these…
Coffee Joulies

I am in no way affiliated with The Joulies Company and have no actual expierence using Joulies. That being said it’s a fantastic concept.

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You may need to go back to the good old glass type thermos as they are inherently better at insulating. Glass is fragile, a real downside compared to the steel bottles, but the steel just plain conducts heat where the glass does not.

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I love that thermos. I have never tested it under normal circumstances for as long as you say, since I always drink all my coffee in the morning at work. But once I put it in the refrigerator full of hot coffee and it was still hot half a day later, if I recall correctly.

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@Qingu That is impressive, still hot after many hours in the fridge.
It’s certainly possible with steel but takes some special fittings to isolate the container vessel from the exterior vessel = more $$, and ideally there is also a vacuum between the two which the cheaper steel ones almost never have.
But if anyone has experience making a vacuum-insulated bottle, it’s the folks at Thermos.

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@boffin Those metal coffee beans are the cutest things ever! I had actually visited their site before. But you know ALL Cos. claim their products/gadgets do the job but that’s not always the case. So to get as far as possible from the trial/error thing, I am in need of advice from people who have actually tried the gadgets and can assure they actually work. @Qingu experiment seem to speak for that thermos he linked.

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I bought this one at Target for my SO. Before I put coffee in it, I fill it with hot water, then replace it with freshly brewed coffee. When he comes home after an eight hour shift, if there is any left, it it still very warm.

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@Qingu I was looking at the link you sent and there seems to be an issue with the paint peeling. Have you had that problem with yours?

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@Pied_Pfeffer “double-wall vacuum insulation” now that’s the ticket !
The Thermos site says the Stainless Steel King is also double-wall vacuum insulated.
And they are both available at Target. Looks like the coice is capacity.

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I don’t know the brand name, I’ll find it for you later but we got one from WalMart that does keep the hot stuff hot and even ice cubes whole for most of a day. They are slim and hold only those few cups you need but we liked ours so much that we’ve since bought several more so each of us can have one on hand.

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Stanley has been keeping stuff hot since 1913. They have an excellent reputation and a lifetime warranty. The link below just gives one example.

You can order from their website or their products are pretty widely carried by many stores.

Very sturdily built. Good quality.

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You should preheat the thermos with really hot water first. Of course, remember to dump out all the water before pouring in the coffee.

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@Yeahright, I have not had a problem with the paint peeling and I’ve had it for about a year I think.

Also seconding @RocketGuy‘s suggestion to preheat the thermos with hot water. It makes a huge difference. You should also do this when making coffee or whatever in a regular ol’ mug.

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