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Where can I buy a .45 colt SAA?

Asked by College_girl (915points) June 25th, 2012

So I accidentally broke my grandpa’s favourite old revolver by not pulling the handle back all the way and then firing so half the barrel is gone.

I want to buy him a WORKING .45 colt SAA like in “Have Gun, Will Travel” (Paladin). He makes and fixes guns and makes his own ammo.

I feel awful and I want to get him one. Any ideas of where I can in either Washington State or Idaho?

Again it needs to be a gun that will fire bullets. Not just a replica

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This is going to sound condescending and that’s not my intent. I’m thinking of your safety. Get someone knowledgeable about firearms to get one for you. At a gun show or something like that.

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Sounds like the best person to ask would be your grandpa.

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Sounds like this might be real expensive. Permits ( Concealed pistol license ) and / or a background are also required in Washington state.. A friend bought a .45 single action a couple of years ago for $2300 in North Carolina.

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Depending on the state you’re shopping in you might be able to find a shooting range. Several of the ones around Ohio also double as gun stores that will let you pick one up same day after running a few checks, whereas in states like New York and California are pretty strict and harder to shop in. Your best bet is to look up purchasing laws for your state and go from there.

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Are you looking for an original or a replica? You can buy the original version built before 1898 without a background check or permits as it is classified an antique by the federal government and not covered by regular gun laws.

These folks might be able to help you.

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Thank you for all your help

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Check out Cimmaron Arms or Uberti, both make quality reproduction SAA’s from what I’ve heard.

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