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Battlefield 3 magnum question in relation to real-life airsoft?

Asked by shniernan (981points) February 19th, 2012

I am trying to create my ideal airsofting armory, and was wondering what I was going to do in the area of sidearms. I narrowed it down to either the G18 or the .44 magnum. (As seen in Battlefield 3.)

My question is derived from the LEGITIMACY of these guns. I need to find airsoft replicas of them… that actually represent the guns in Battlefield 3 closely. And I’ve been having some troubles with that.

I was comparing the top choices of airsoft guns I had for each, and wanted to see if fluther could help. The .44 (while currently out of stock) had two major things that bug me. 1: It obviously doesn’t have a scope, so I need to know what scope that is and how the hell to attach it, because the model I showed at the beginning did it with like… dark magic. 2: The barrels are different, and I need to know how to find an airsoft gun with the same barrel variant as in the previously shown model! Am I looking for the wrong gun here?

So, the deal with the G18, is that I just can’t find one. I can’t find any suppressed glock, much less a BF3 lookalike one… So yeah, that’s a problem.

Anywho, any/all help is appreciated. Thanks so much. :P

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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here, but they are both real guns, if that’s what you mean. The 44 in BF3 is based off of a Taurus model, and the G18 is made by, well, Glock.

I’d imagine the reason you can’t find them in airsoft models is because they’re already extremely specialized guns in bullet form. The .44 shoots a large round for a pistol, and I frankly can’t really see how that would work in airsoft form, especially with it being a 6 chamber revolver.

And with the Glock 18 and it being fully automatic, I just can’t imagine how they’d pull that off in airsoft form either. The tech doesn’t seem to be there to just vomit out bullets/pellets like the G18 does.

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Many airsoft guns have the same mechanism within different bodies. It could be that even if you find these speific makes, they’ll just be a bulkier version of what is effectively the same thing, which you can find easier/for cheaper.

Laser sights are good for sidearms, but it depends if your local airsoft arena allows them. Unless you’re shooting from the hip the iron sights should do fine.

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I’m just looking for a little bit of knowledge on the guns. I just need to know what scope that is now, if it helps, it’s supposed to have 3x optics…

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@shniernan the scope on the .44 in Battlefield 3 is a Russian PK-A red dot sight with an integral mount designed to attach to the side rail of AK and SVD type rifles and carbines. You are going to have a hard time mounting one to an airsoft revolver. Here is a place where you can purchase them. It’s probably very pricey and you may not be able to have it shipped to the US.

Here is a fully automatic airsoft Glock 18. It is gas powered, and I don’t think UPS or Fedex ships green gas anymore. It’s been a while since I played airsoft and I remember they couldn’t ship me green gas for my G26 or my gas MAC10.

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