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Can you guys help me with this unusual cover letter situation?

Asked by Haleth (19504points) June 25th, 2012

I’ve asked Fluther for career help a couple times in the past and the answers have been so thoughtful and helpful. Every time I’ve applied for new jobs in the past, it’s been through a new job posting or a mutual professional contact.

This time, my boyfriend took some initiative and did something really considerate for me. He works near an educational institution that has a shop connected. He went over there and 1) introduced himself to the president of the school and got his contact info, and 2) did the same with the general manager of the shop and found out that they’re looking for an assistant manager, and the position hasn’t been posted yet. He also told her about my experience, knowledge, etc, and now she wants to meet me as soon as I send over my resume (!).

It’s a great opportunity and a perfect fit for me. The shop has an educational mission because they’re backed by the school, so they have a very unique selection of wines from unusual, up-and-coming regions. I’m really excited at the prospect of working there.

I’m definitely sending my resume to the GM, but should I also send it to the president of the school? Should I send them separate e-mails or cc them both on the same e-mail? And obviously I want them to know who I am from these conversations… but I can’t think of a professional way to say, “hi, my boyfriend introduced me to this job opening.” Thoughts?

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I would send it to both and the cover letter would explain that your “friend met you both” last week and discussed that your resume would be sent in for the Assistant Manager job that’s not yet been posted. I would put it all on one email so everyone’s on the same page. I would not refer to him as a “boyfriend” because IMHO that sounds a little childish. I refer to boyfriends as boyfriends myself (and I’m in my 40 ‘s) but I think in this instance, you want to sound more professional, and technically, he is a friend.

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Make sure it still reads professional however you word it. I would say something to the effect of, “My friend, boyfriend name here, was in your shop on X-date and spoke with GM’s name (or “you”, if you are sending the letter to the GM) regarding the opening for a (insert job title). He informed me of the position and I feel I am a perfect fit for the position.” Then go into your normal type of cover letter explaining your experience that backs the statement that you would be a fit. I wouldn’t even mention that the job hasn’t posted yet. It’s not important, and the fact that you state the connection about how you heard about it, that’s enough. I personally would send separate e-mails to each person. Tweek the wording to fit each person. I had an interview with 2 people at the same time and I sent different e-mails, tailoring each one to the person. But I don’t know if that will make or break anything. I think that’s just a personal preference. Good Luck!

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I’d say if you choose to send two emails, one to each person, then cc: the other person on each, so everyone’s on the same page.

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I would send it to both. I would reference your friend by name, not by title (boyfriend). Then I would focus on why you are excited about this opportunity and why you would be good at it. I would personalize each cover letter for the recipient. Do some research on each so you can do that. Ask to meet with them soon as you are raring to get going.

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I would send the same email with a cc. Include both your resume and the cover letter. I would say something like:

Dear Sirs,

My friend, his name first and last, spoke with you on Tuesday (substitute right day and date) about your operation and your need for an assistant manager. I am very interested and would love to speak with you about the position.
I have relevant experience from working as job title for company name and second job title for company name. During my time at company name, I did insert relevant things that you accomplished.
I have the following skills (insert skills), which would be beneficial for the assistant manager position. I look forward to speaking with you further about the position at your earliest convenience.


contact info (phone and email)

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You’ve got some great ideas in the answers already given. The only thing I would add is you may want to list your relevant experience as bullet points in the body of the short cover letter. They give the eyes of busy business people something to concentrate on. If this is unclear or you want more help, please, PM me.

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I do this for a living, and I’d do what @wundayatta suggested. The bullet points @Hawaii_Jake suggested may help, but a couple brief paragraphs indicating your enthusiasm for the opportunity and what you can bring to the table if hired is far more important. Definitely do follow up by asking to meet with them.

Good luck!

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@Haleth: Please follow up with us, too and let us know you choose to do your letter and how things turn out for you with the job.

The Update Lady

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@jca Update:

I took @wundayatta‘s advice and used his name only. The cover letter turned out great because I wanted the job so badly and put a lot of effort into it. I can still probably use it as a template for other job searches.

Unfortunately, some wires got crossed and it turns out they’re only looking for a part-time cashier. When they were talking, my boyfriend told the GM that I’m moving soon (true), looking for a full-time job in the area, and that I’m an assistant manager, plus a few details about what I do at work. The GM said, “Oh, she sounds perfect and I’d love to meet her!” So the boyfriend and I both assumed it was a lateral move.

Only, she never actually said what the job was. It’s a pretty small store and they’re going to be operating with a skeleton crew for a while. She still wants to meet me, and she’s going to start interviewing people in a few days. Sigh…

In the mean time, I had another interview- for a position as a wine manager- and I should hear back today with the decision. Fingers crossed.

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Update update: I got the wine manager job! Yay :)

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Hey! Congratulations! I hope it works out well for you. What kind of organization is it a wine manager for?

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Thank you! It’s a beer & wine store.

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