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If you had two spare hours per day to do whatever you wanted (not what you need to do, i.e. pay bills or clean the house, for example), what would you do with this new-found leisure time?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 25th, 2012

If you were granted two hours per day to do whatever you wanted to do (presumably recreation, hobby, something fun as opposed to work, unless you really love your job and would love to do it two hours extra per day), what would you do with the two hours extra per day?

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I always use it to stay on top of the homestead over here. I rearranged and cleaned my house and mowed my yard and fertilized all my plants this weekend, sooo, those 2 hours a day have been used up for this week, I’m skating now. :-)

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Swim, read, garden, “adult things”.

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If history is any indication, I would spend it here on fluther.

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I’d choose two extra night time hours in order to sleep in the dark.

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Sleep. I never get as much as my body needs.

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I need more sleep too, but if I had daylight I would get outside more- either walking or bike riding.

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isn;t that funny I thought of swim first too! @WillWorkForChocolate even though I am not particularly good at it! I would also spemd more time reading, I read heaps anyway but to me I can’t read enough!!!

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I’d spend it taliking with my best friend. She is the only person with whom I can converse about anything. Trust is rare and wonderful.

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I’d spend it watching a great movie or reading a great book.

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If I’m still broke in this hypothetical, then I’d get lifted and do yoga for guaranteed relaxation.

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Video games.

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Exercise. I never have time.

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Go out and wander around doing nothing and looking at and marvelling everything.

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I would love to do crafts. I do them now but not as much as I would like to.

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Read! I don’t get a lot of time to read enough that I want.

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I watch some TV and fluther. If I had a pool I would swim more.

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Work on restoring my loom and play clarinet.

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Scuba, kite surf or water ski.

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Nap, read, or just spend extra time with my family!

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I sleep like six hours a night on work days, I’d take those two hours and use em to snuggle my pillows.

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I am retired and I spend all my time doing exactly what I want to do (with the exception of expensive travel).

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s l e e p

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I would play with the parrot more, she is a delight, and I’d get some more exercise.

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Read, but I do that most of the time anyway

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play with the parrot more

If that’s not a euphemism, it really ought to be.

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But really, surfing the internet and looking at funny pictures of cats. And fluther.

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Two hours is exactly how much time I need to do a smallish watercolour painting. Though I might alternate it with learning to play guitar

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If my computer could be locked for that length of time, I’d paint or do other crafts or furniture projects. If my computer is available though… I’m probably going to be on it. Damn it.

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”Play with the parrot more” I see what you mean! But she’s a real 22-year-old amazon hen.
Delightful either way.

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I would use it as time to relax which I don’t do enough of at the moment. If I needed sleep (right now I am so exhausted that an extra two hours sleep would be a blessing) then I would do that, otherwise I would use it to do other things that I find relaxing like catching up on TV programmes that I have missed but wanted to see, going to the cinema/theatre, walking the dogs or reading a book (if I can find one to hold my interest which seems to be impossible at the momen!)

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I would read more. I haven’t had much time to read lately and I really miss it. I have several books just sitting on my shelves waiting for me to get to them and I just can’t seem to find the time for it.

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