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What's the best product to use for my lashes to keep it long and thicker?

Asked by aliyasmith13 (44points) July 2nd, 2012

Anyone please help me out? :) Thanks in advance!

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Maybe try using an eyelash conditioner under your regular mascara.

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Latisse. You need a prescription.

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Do you ever wonder how cosmetic companies convinced people to spend their money on products made from petroleum using numerous toxic chemicals to modify how we appear to each other?

Most of us probably look just fine without such products and would be richer and healthier if they knew that. Our environment would benefit as well.

I’m not criticizing you for your question or for your desire to look the way you want. I’m merely reflecting on how society has been conned into doing some odd things despite the consequences of doing so.

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Not much short of using the prescription Latisse suggested by @Judi. Be warned that product can change your eye color permanently. If you are blue or green eyed I would not touch it with a ten foot pole. Actually, I would not use it no matter what, but that’s me. If your eyelashes are much thinner and falling out more often now compared to what they used to be, and you also have the hair on your head falling out significantly consider getting a thyroid test. Simple blood test, not expensive. If you have never had very think long lashes, then that’s what you have. Some mascaras are much much better than others to enhance them. MAC just came out with a new one, that I wish I knew the name of for you, but anyway it is the new one. And, layering Lancome Definicils with Hypnose will give you very full lashes. Definicils goes on first.

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I like the Dior Show mascara to make an impact.

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Latisse really does work, but it is very expensive and insurance will not cover something just for making your lashes longer and thicker. @JLeslie is right about the eye color darkening, too. To keep the longer, thicker lashes you have to continue to use it, and any other skin frequently exposed to Latisse may grow hair. I would stick to using a conditioner on the lashes and a good mascara – experiment until you find the one you like – it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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I was reading a magazine in the beauty salon today and saw an ad for Cry Baby Mascara. I might try it.

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Thanks for info’s JLeslie.

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Extensions. Several friends have gone that route quite happily. I had mine dyed a few times and liked the results. No more mascara (time or expense).

My hair stylist recently had eyeliner tattooed on. The effect is amazing – she doesn’t bother with mascara at all anymore.

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A friend of mine just got eyelash extensions. The last about three months.

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@JLeslie , I’ve done those before vacations before. They don’t hold up well to sea water! I have been loving the Yonique fiber eyelashes though. It’s similar to Mary Kay in that you have to buy them from a distributor

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