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What method of studying may be the most effective?

Asked by naujda095 (31points) July 2nd, 2012

I want to know about a study method that helps me remember and understand things in all subjects but especially in math.

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Practice problems and get a a help book, i.e. “Cliff Notes” for math, there are different versions for basic to advanced.

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There are several good books on how to study, written by reputable experts. Go to a university bookstore to find a good selection. Pick one you find appeals to you and read it more than once. Such a book helped me to learn how to study and changed my life for the better.

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I’ll have to say the method that works best for you is the one you should use. Different methods work better with some people and don’t work for others.

I believe that more repetition is good, especially for Math. For many people, both visual and auditory repetition work. I even read of a person who made up a song to remember the multiplication tables and I have heard a song for the periodic table in chemistry.

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For math, repetition.

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I would record my classes and listen to them while reviewing and rewriting my notes from class, so that they would be neater and I could reorganize themin a way tha trade more sense to the way my brain works. I also found that the best way for me to really understand something was to try to explain it to someone else. I can’t really address the math because basic math came fairly easy to me, and I never pursued higher maths like calculus or trigonometry, etc.

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A flexible method depending on the subject. There is no universal most effective method. Try out different methods and observe the results. Plenty of sleep is a prerequisite.

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First discover your learning style and strengths, after this is done you may research study methods that best fit that style. Repetition is the bst exercise, followed by word association and “chunking”. For math rhythym so maybe remember the formulas through your favorite song and so on.

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