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Do you remember Wally's Filling Station, Foley's Market, Walker's Drug Store and the original Floyd's Barber Shop?

Asked by Strauss (21808points) July 3rd, 2012

RIP Andy Griffith, passed away this morning. He was everybody’s “Paw” when we were growing up with Opie in Mayberry, and he was everyones favorite attorney, Matlock. Many do not know he started with a standup career. One of his best known monologues was What It Was It Was Football. Another less known fact is that “The Andy Griffith Show” was a spin-off of the Make Room for Daddy, starring Danny Thomas.
Do you have any favorite scenes or episodes?

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I love all the episodes. The Darlings were always good for a laugh. Any episode with Ernest T. The episode where Opie shot the bird makes me cry every time. Andy was a true American entertainment icon. Who is left from that show besides Ron Howard?

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I just listened to The Football Story. Thanks for the post. Hilarious. What a storyteller.

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@bkcunningham That kind of storytelling is becoming a rare art.

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I have a friend who struggled to make a living as a storyteller. Old Jonah, a teller of tales. Sadly, you are right, though, @Yetanotheruser. It is a dying art.

I’m sharing your link to The Football Story. Again, thank you.

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Andy, Opie and Horatio. It is a lesson we should all learn.

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I remember watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show as a kid. I never saw Matlock, but I know my grandmother loved that show.

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never heard of them.

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@bkcunningham I didn’t remember seeing that episode. Like so many of the stories, it hits home on many levels.

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I liked the episode where Aunt Bea left on a trip and the boys trashed the house. The got it spic and span right before she got home and this made Aunt Bea feel like she wasn’t necessary so they trashed it again.

anybody remember the half a season 80’s show salvage one? griffith played an ex-astronaut that built a rocket out of garbage and blasted off in to space. i think it lasted or 6 episodes.

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Oh snap! I didn’t know… RIP good sir.

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@ragingloli it’s US TV in the 1960’s

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I don’t remember Salvage One, @Blondesjon but I do remember Aunt Bea feeling like she wasn’t needed. Remember when Mr. Darling is sweet on Aunt Bea? At first she is flattered, but soon his table manners, or lack thereof, are something she can’t take one more minute. LOL Andy and Opie take up his bad habits – like tossing rolls down the dinner table – and it doesn’t last too long.

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And in syndication, @Yetanotheruser.

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Yep, I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show. It was almost like I was part of Mayberry. The little borough I grew up in was not that far from Norfolk, VA. But when I was a kid, it was littler than Mayberry. So I felt right at home with the locals there.

RIP, Andy Griffith.

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