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Am I missing something in Boardwalk Empire?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) May 23rd, 2014

Just started watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and after three episodes I find it uninspired and the characters hardly engaging.

Out of curiosity, I checked Rotten Tomatoes’ review of the first season and it got very good ratings and most of the critics heaped praises on the show.

What am I missing here-? Do critics get paid by HBO sometimes to review their shows-? Or do I suck as a viewer-? LOL

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Boardwalk Empire is incredibly boring at times. I watch it, but only because of Buscemi. Some of the other characters are gag worthy.

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I had the same experience. I really love Steve Buscemi and especially Kelly Macdonald, but after three episodes and tuned out and never watched it again. For one thing, I didn’t like the violence.

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I lived it. I also lived mad men until this season. First two episodes were BORING and I quit.

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crap! I hate how the “I” and the “o” always get mixed up on an iPhone!! Ugh!! Fat fingers and to late to change it.

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I only watched a few episodes mostly because I was busy. I have a couple friends who loved it.

I think it was the dialogue, the character.building was.slower but worth it according to them. From what I saw I liked some of the actors and I loved the sets. The cinematography. But I never watched.enough to tell if I liked the story arc.

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The show is amazing. It is engaging, suspenseful and well-written. But one problem is too many characters. When you lose track of who’s who, the show can be boring based on not understanding everything going on. I suggest using HBO’s Boardwalk Empire website’s episode summaries to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Use them like Cliffs Notes. I know for some people that might be too tedious to get into, but these are some very interesting, unique, and semi-historically accurate storylines. I agree with the criticisms on violence. Blatant violence and blatant sex is stupid usually. HBO goes out of its way to crowbar that stuff into each of their shows.

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