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Have you ever left the imaginary credit cards or other fake things in your wallet after purchasing one?

Asked by DeezerQueue (2017points) May 31st, 2008

Maybe in order to make people think you might have credit cards when you don’t really? Perhaps hoping that they see the hint of gold they might think you’re someone special with a ton o’money?

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Why bother trying to make people think im something im not?

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Just the pictures to give the illusion of friends and family.

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have you gone the extra mile and tried to pay for dinner with one of the fake credit cards on accident?

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Hehe, there was a 500 EUR bill in mine and I can’t get myself to remove it. Just my lame sense of humour I guess, it’s not to impress or anything :)

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When I was a kid I had a neon pink plastic wallet that came with pictures of Tab Hunter and Kim Novak, I kept them and told everyone they were my mom and dad.

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@supernutjob- that’s fing hilarious!!
I’ve never kept any of the wallet stuff but I did cut out jewelry pictures from magazines and wear them

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No, otherwise there would be no room for my stuff.

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Only when I am impersonating someone I like better than myself.

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