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Have you tested your PC yet?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20012points) July 5th, 2012

More of a heads up than a question.

The federal government is warning that several hundred thousand PCs could lose internet access on Monday.

Have you checked your PC lately?

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Yes. Clean. Since this exploit has been identified for ages now and all the big Anti-Virus suppliers were aware of it, I was sure I’d be fine. But in the abundance of caution, I did check. Still, good warning for those that didn’t get the memo.

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Thanks for posting the link.
I got green on my screen, so we’re clean.

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BTW, while this post is as legitimate as they get, and I already knew it was; I strongly recommend that you NEVER click on an email or online link promising virus protection without first independently verifying the validity of the URL it points to. Bogus offers for protection are one of the primary modes of spreading viruses and tracking cookies. I got an invite yesterday to join some strange business networking group. It appeared to have been emailed by a colleague I actually know. But on checking, I saw a ton of red flags. I contacted my friend and learned that he had been punked by some spammers. He never sent said email, but it appeared to come from his email account.

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Always protected and always clean.
So are the 30,000 corporate pc’s and servers I keep an eye on.
@ETpro is right on the money in knowing what hyperlink you click on before you click it. There are plenty of address book hijacking emails around, so don’t assume the sender actually sent it on purpose.

Like anything, if you catch something, take care of it. :)

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If you have good av/fw and you regularly scan and update, there’s no need to worry.

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So far, so good : ) I got a green background.

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