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Any suggestions for a large locking box?

Asked by Nullo (21911points) July 5th, 2012

Something like a cash box, only in a 2–3+ cubic foot range, would be nice. Got a small relative coming to visit, and I don’t want to invite trouble. Security isn’t really a big issue; I’m trying to thwart curiosity, not theft. A padlock or something should do.
Personal experience with the boxes is preferred.

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A camp trunk? Here

I still have mine from decades agp; it is useful for storage even though I probably lost the key in 1954.

Or a foot locker here

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I scored a Korea era foot locker that soldiers used in basic training from a army surplus store for around 20 bucks. It has a place for a padlock and it is where I keep my rifle.

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Try looking around on

They have various alternatives for camping and outdoors including near-proof boxes. Right now they have a sale going on which also includes free shipping.

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Might I suggest:
A simple lockset on a closet door.
The trunk of a car.
A lockable plastic container such as a poolside storage box, pantry, Rubbermaid container.

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