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Are you experiencing this glitch on Fluther?

Asked by augustlan (47711points) July 6th, 2012

I have a report from a member that when he clicks on “Responses” from a profile page, he gets a 404 error. I’m not getting the error, even though we use the same browser. Is this happening for anyone else, or is it an isolated incident? If you get the error, too, please tell me what browser you are using. Thanks!

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I get the same if I’m not logged in.

Once I log in I’m able to see the responses.

I don’t believe it’s a browser based problem as I get the same result in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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No problem here.

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Hrm. He gets the error logged in or out.

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I get that error if I’m logged out, but it’s fine if I’m logged in. My guess, his computer is rejecting Fluther’s log-in cookies making it think he’s already logged out.

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“Clear the cache”, I think I have heard that before from Auggie.
Sounds like he logged on after getting the 404 and has the 404 page stuck in his cache.

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No, I am not.

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No errors on my end.

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Yes. I have not restricted anything on my account. And I once logged out, and tried to see my own responses. I got the above error.

Many times though, old users who are not on fluther now, give me that error when I click on their avatar.

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No errors here.

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Ok, so it looks like it’s only happening for others if they’re logged out. That makes sense, that someone’s complete list of answers wouldn’t be viewable to a non-member. His computer must believe he’s logged out all the time, I guess?

@prasad When members ‘delete’ their account, or are banned, their profile is no longer available, so that error is normal.

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I just tried and my prostate enlarged. WTF?

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That’s a special feature just for you, @Blondesjon. ;)

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awww. how sweet. :)

now make it go away . . .

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I get Mary Poppins.

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Works if I’m logged in, but I get the 404 Error if I log out and try it.

Oh, no. We couldn’t find /users/Buttonstc/answers/.

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No. But I am experiencing this weird glitch where my lurve is hovering at 18200, when I know it should be almost 20000. Can someone please fix that? :D

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Whatever you say mom…

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@WillWorkForChocolate Maybe Fluther is hiding your lurve so they can throw you a surprise party! You wouldn’t be expecting it.

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