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What colour of eye shadow would give me the best smokey eyes?

Asked by College_girl (915points) July 6th, 2012

I want to try to get that smokey eye look, but I really only wear eyeliner and mascara, not eye shadow. I have big brown eyes and fair skin. I’ve attached some photos to help you better say what colours would be best to give me the sexiest smokey eye.

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Try this eyeshadow set for brown eyes from Almay. The colors are specifically selected to look good with brown eyes, and the design of it shows you which color goes where. Their products are also good on sensitive skin, which is a plus.

However, if you want a sexier smoky eye, this is generally created with blacks and dark greys, and looks good on all eye colors. If you want to cater it more to your eye color, you could use a dark plum or eggplant shadow with a charcoal shadow and smudged black eyeliner. You can look up Youtube tutorials on how to create a smoky eye as well.

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Some green would also look good with your features, like an olive color mixed wtih plums and browns.

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You’re so pretty! Typically, purples or greens work well with brown eyes.

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thank you very much! That made my day :D

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I think charcoal greys with a hint of green to emphasise your lovely red hair.

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Smokey is usually greys, blacks, taupes, and silvers.

I agree with @augustlan plum shades usually look very nice on brown eyes.

I recommend going to a make-up counter like Chanel, Lancome, or MAC and having them help you with it. Tell them waht you are looking for. Better yet bring a few pics from a magazine of eye makeup you like on models.

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I’m actually looking for a smokey eye like they have on RuPaul’s drag race. Although just a bit more subtle

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I like the black, as well, but it must be toned down a bit for me, unless I prefer to look like one of the Kardashians (I don’t). Grey is oh-so-nice, and can be quite subtle, given a gentle hand and a brush to smooth out lines.

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@College_girl Probably a lot of eyeliner is in involved also. Take the shot of RuPaul and go to the MAC counter. MAC has a lot of men in drag working for them, and even if there osn’t a man in drag there they will be trained in color better than some counters. Usually.

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Th classic Smokey Eye colors are black and grey. The lighter color(grey) is applied over the lid and the darker color is applied in the outer corner of the eye. It looks beautiful. :)

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