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What is the best way you made easy money?

Asked by ndc_ygs (7points) May 31st, 2008 from iPhone

(let me know the secret!)

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If there were an easy way, we’d all be doing it. Like most things, it takes time.

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I’ll give you an example. I’‘m an illustrator and designer. I’ve developed my skills over 25 years in the business. Some jobs don’t take me very long in terms of hours, but command a relatively high price in terms of their value. Easy money now, but getting here hasn’t been easy and still isn’t.

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The corner.

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be a banker, if that’s too unrealistic than be a treasure hunter.

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Ask people to pay you so you don’t ask questions like this one.

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I participated in a college study for the economics department. I answered questions for 30 minutes and got paid $25. It was easy and interesting. It’s not something you could make a career out of, though.

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Depends what you consider easy. The fastest I ever made considerable amount if money was taking a summer temp job as a cleaner for a cleaning service company. I was on the go for about 10 hours a day and riding my bicycle from one place to the next, so it was also the best physical condition I’ve ever been in. But it wasn’t a walk in the park and I was exhausted daily.

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It’s all about capitalizing on the right moment. You want to be the guy that just happens to have a hot dog stand right by the bar at 2:30am

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Funny you say “the secret,” because that’s kind of what it is. A few years ago I decided I was going to become open to receiving gifts (compliments, mainly, which I used to brush off). That has snowballed into falling in love with someone who has given me a lot of gifts, including the monetary kind. I don’t mean for that to sound crass or opportunistic—it wouldn’t be true if the love wasn’t there—but it’s a valid answer to your question. I think if you tried something similar you’d get a different outcome with a similar effect.

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what’s something a 13. Year old could do?

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Landscape/garden work

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Consulting. Offer your compunded expertise in something for the value that its worth to others.

Buying things at a good deal and fixing them up for profit can turn some high ROI. Especially if you have the sales skills to match, which usually means honesty and good working knowledge. None of that snakey fake smile, car salesman shit.

I can’t believe they think that works.

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selling dope.

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I don’t Belive in “dope” I absolutly cant stand harmful drugs I’m totally aginst it!

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i wasn’t recommending you do it iceskate. i was just answering the question honestly.

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