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Great Seattle hotels for a wedding?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) June 29th, 2007

Any hotels in the Seattle area that you have attended weddings at, and what made them spectacular. It would be about 150 people. I would also like people to be able to stay overnight in the same place as the wedding/reception. Including the bride and groom. Definitely more formal than not.

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Hi Supergirl. This does not exactly answer your question, but we had a truly beautiful wedding at the Seattle Tennis club a few years ago. October. Gorgeous weather and we were out by Lake Washington. The food is tremendous. But--and this sounds like a key problem for you--no hotel right there. We rented vans to take people to downtown Seattle hotels, but it was not as easy as getting dressed in your room, and walking to the wedding.
Lots of very cute hotels in Seattle, though. Good luck.

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That is an interesting idea. I will check that out. Anymore suggestions?

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I attended a really beautiful wedding on orcas island. It's not seattle, but only a few hours away, and you can have the wedding, reception, etc all at th esame place. the views were spectacular and the resort was lovely without being cheesy. There were about 200 people there.

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The Seattle Tennis club is a wonderful place for a wedding (I was also at the wedding mentioned above : )--this is Cortney. I'm a wedding photographer and have been to some cool spots all along the I5 corridor. What time of year are you thinking of? That really plays a bit part.

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I meant a BIG part, not a bit part...

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I am looking at next summer

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There’s a ton of hotels that you could get married in. The Alexa is downtown and really cool. There’s a listing of all the Seattle hotels that can handle events here:

Good luck.

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