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How often do you click on a link that you posted, only to find the content is not the same as when you posted it?

Asked by flo (11354points) July 9th, 2012

It makes me look/feel like I’m confused. So why does it happen? And what do people do to prevent it? What if it is for legal purposes?

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Posted where? Here on the fluther that has never happened to me.

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Not often. Usually someone in the thread will tell me if I screwed it up.

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“What if it is for legal purposes?” What sort of legal purposes could a posting to Fluther fulfill ?

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@dabbler why not wait to see the response for your first answer??? You can see I am composing. Where is your rush??? I don’t think the source is the site where it is posted.

I think the site (link) screws up, and in order not to look bad they remove the embarrasing content? I don’t know.

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@marinelife it is a general question, I’m guessing it could happen anywhere.

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I always try to check the links I post in my answers before I click on the answer button. That way I don’t get surprises.

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@YARNLADY I’m talking it would be the right content when it is first posted and then after a while it is different. But the whole point it to see how often it happens, not to say that it has happened a lot to me.

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@flo Usually my older links just don’t work anymore. Only the news feeds or blogs that I link have the content change after a time. It’s pretty rare.

I see it a lot in my volunteer work checking references on wikipedia. I have never tried to figure out why or how it happens.

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Hi @flo nobody was posting when I added my second question, another question occurred to me, just curious.
And what’s the answer to my first question? Where are you posting that this happens?

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@YARNLADY does it make sense though? Why wouldn’t a link to stay the same unless there is an indication it wouldn’t?

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Did it happen today? Today the DNSChanger servers were disabled and links, if they went through a “DNSChanger Sever”, may not work.

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Websites can change at any time, and the website owners probably don’t know/care that you posted their link, so I doubt they’re changing it because of you. Webpages are always changing and expiring. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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@flo The link might be updated frequently, as opposed to cached

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Hardly ever. Something to keep in mind when making your links: Don’t like to a home page on a blog or newsfeed, even if the article or post is currently featured on it. Instead, click on the title of the post or article (or on a picture, if that’s what you want to link), to go directly to the page for that item only, and then copy the URL to make your link. Otherwise, when you click on it a day or so later, it will just take you back to the homepage, not the location for the specific item you wanted to link to.

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@Tropical_Willie No not today. It was a few days ago. And it happened last year maybe in my email.
@Mariah, @YARNLADY, @augustlan I’m thinking about your responses.

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Edit: “like” was supposed to be “link”. Don’t link to a home page…

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@augustlan I got it from the context thanks.

By the way, one of the examples is one of the links in this permalink ,in this OP (about the screaming little girl with the waxing of the eyebrow) gave me the homepage instead of the article page. But today it’s fine.

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