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Where are the best places in the world to snorkel?

Asked by landlord (6points) November 9th, 2006
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Aruba is amazing. Clear water, bright fish, sunken ships, 90 degree water.
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Australia's great barrier reef definately has an amazing variety of life - giant clams, cods, coral.
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I really enjoyed Belize though. Not as developed / discovered as other countries in central america which is great. you can snorkel with (friendly) sharks and sting rays - also some good reefs.
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Hanauma Bay in Hawaii was amazing and very easy. Lots of bright colorful fish and it's right off beach, so it's perfect if you have young children because they can easily get in on the action without having to go very deep. If I remember correctly it's pretty close to Honolulu.
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I also snorkeled in Jamaica and it was less fun and kind of gray.
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Indonesia has like over 300 varieties of coral. supposedly coral originated there.
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I learned how to scuba in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. Incredible reef and huge diversity of fish species including an opportunity to see the 50 ft. whale shark.
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I saw lots in the Gulf of Thailand near Koh Tao over the summer.. Went to Hoi An, Vietnam and saw some... but much less.
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I consistently hear Micronesia and the Maldives.
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The coastline of California, particularly along Catalina Island.
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I suggest Surin Archipelago in Thailand. This is a rich national maritime park on Thailand’s southern west coast. It’s quiet and beautiful spot in the Andaman Sea.

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