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Water runs through my life like a theme. My love of it resulted in my user name <———. When I am near a body of water, especially the ocean, but lakes, rivers, and streams call to me as well, I feel an unmatched sense of peace.

Water is my element. I love to swim or just be in water.

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i grew up on lake erie ,it was my back yard.
it has a way to calm you.
i miss it.

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Lake Erie is something special.

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I drink water to survive.

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yes i have a lake house and we spent every single summer up there for at least 4 weeks.

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Farmer’s daughter here. Everything depended on the rain.
I associate rain with romance, longing, creative inspiration, cleansing, renewal.

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I would be lost without water. Give me a lake, ocean, pond, river, stream, pool and I’m in peace. Like Marina, it calls me.

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@kruger_d I know how you feel my Paw-Paw is a farmer and I live with my grandparents on his farm and everything does depend on the rain!

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@simone54: I think that would be included in the expected category.

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I got too far out in the ocean once and had to be rescued by a lifeguard.

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For my family…water has always ment a lot.. I come from a long line of shipbuilders, captains, etc, with me working underwater on a sub… so yeah.. We are a bunch of aquanauts :p

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I was born under the sign of water… Aquarius! I love the water, especially beaches.

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Yeah, when it flooded here in ‘82, they closed my school. That was sure a wonderful unexpected influence! I got a ride home with some friends. We were all smoking hash as we creeped along the flooded streets and suddenly one of the teachers knocked on the window. We rolled it down and this giant cloud of smoke came out just as she bent her head to talk to us. She got this funny look on her face and then took this really deep breath and smiled. Then when she exhaled she asked us if school was closed. We told it was and she gave us this great big smile and said thank you. We almost died laughing.

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Much like @Marina & @jonsblond, I am drawn to the water. I have always lived near the water and for the past 14 years I can see it from every window in my house. I find it soothing and calming, even when it’s raging and rolling. If the day brings stress I go out on the pier and take a few deep breaths to calm down and let it go. There’s something mystical about it.

In spite of my love of it, I also have a healthy respect for it. Hurricanes will do that for you.

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Our house on the river flooded one year when I was a boy, I fell in,and then got so sick from accidentally swallowing some of that nasty flood water that I nearly died. I still live within sight distance of the Mississippi River. I was raised on the river and spent most of my youth fishing. My connection to rivers is what keeps me living in the Midwest.

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My astrological sign is Aquarius which means I’m a water bearer but I’ve learned to conceal it well. As far as any unexpected influences from this, none have been recorded as of yet.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I never knew that you lived so close to us blondes. We are within 3 miles of the Illinois River and it is at it’s 4th worst flood in recorded history right now. Blondesjon grew up next to it. He’s a big river rat.

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@jonsblond, I live in an area known as the Quad Cities, which some wags consider nothing more than four farms in a row. :-) When I think of the Illinois River, I think of Peoria.

To us Midwesterners, being a river rat is a compliment, not an insult.

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Water is my natural element. I love swimming and feel at my most relaxed in the ocean, lakes, pools, hot tubs, bath tubs and sinks. I grew up on a farm and spent numerous hours swimming with my friend in the pond on her farm. The exercise activity I have stuck with most consistently is (wait for it) – water aerobics.

If you don’t believe me, check out my avatar. (It’s hard to read when you’re swimming but it can be done.)

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I have almost drowned twice. Now, water and I don’t get along so well.

I can’t swim.

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Pfft. A jellyfish who can’t swim. Yeah right, Tits. :P

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@petethepothead: Oh, you’ve caught me. And nice color change on the avatar. It fits your username quite well.

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Ah water….. I have a strange relationship with water. On one hand water has brought me infidant joy with fish, coral, and all that good stuff. On the other water has brought me hell. My room has flooded five times to date, once completely destroying my whole room and half the stuff in it. And some times the two things cross over like when my stand for my fish tank collapses causing the tank to shatter on the floor and flooding my room….

Yea i have a love hate relationship. But yes, to answer the question water has influenced my life pretty strongly since it sent me down another path in life when i found my love for fishies :)
…and to think, thats all thanks to simone54 :)

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@Tits, but you can float, right? :-)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: Nope. I sink immediately. No joke.

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@TitsMcGhee—are you big-boned or something? Breasts, I believe, are made up mostly of fat cells. Fat floats on water. Seems to me that you ought to have a built in life jacket, so to speak.

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i got this metal image of someone sinking yet two tits just bobbing along the water staying afloat with the rest of the person under water lol.

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@daloon: I don’t know what it is, but I just cannot make myself stay afloat. It’s quite problematic, in fact.

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