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Negatives to a whole house natural gas generator?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) July 11th, 2012

Having just survived 7 days of no electricity in the hottest streak of weather this summer, I am seriously considering a whole house solution to run the whole house including the A/C. I plan on using natural gas as the tap is already in place and the electric service enters the house in fairly close proximity to it. Are there any negatives to such a big thing like this aside from only needing it for maybe a dozen or so times a year?

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Yep, if you have an electric starter on your thermostat like I do power outages will still leave you out in the cold. Biggest negative the cost of propane.
This year has been outrageous up here in my rural mountain community, had a $700 and something fill, followed by $650ish, and my latest fill $404, all since late Jan.
Summer I hardly use any fuel, cook little, cool showers, no heating costs and the rest of my house is electric, washer/dryer, etc.

This tank should last me til Oct. I am hoping!
If you are only using propane for backup it shouldn’t be too bad, but natural gas has sky rocketed and I have never had such an expensive fuel year.
I am on the opposite side of the fence, buying a space heater and electric blanket this winter. lol

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I don’t think a whole house generator is necessary. You really just need enough power to run the A/C or furnace and the fridge/freezer. I have a small 5.5Kw gas generator that will power a couple fans or space heaters and the refrigerator.

Which while not perfect will be sufficient to survive a week without power and keep the pipes from freezing.

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It’s gas. I will not have gas in my home.

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