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Are you into jewelry?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) July 11th, 2012

I’m always looking for crafty things to do, and one of them was making bracelets for friends. Whether for friends, for selling, or special things like LGBTQ. But, I’ve grown fond of bracelets in general now!

Do you like jewelry?

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I like it, but I am not obsessed with it. I have some choices pieces that I love. I don’t buy a lot of jewelry. I almost never think to shop for jewelry.

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I have some really nice pieces but never wear costume jewelry anymore. I almost always wear my wedding ring and my diamond tennis bracelet. I have the prettiest watch I’ve ever seen. I have a gold chain that thick enough that my grand babies can’t break it and it has one large gold barrel with my 3 kids names on it and 7 small white and yellow gold barrels with my grand kids names on them. I will be getting a new small barrel at Christmas since I have another grand baby coming in November.
The rest of my jewelry stays in the safe. I’ve outgrown my flashy phase.

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I love jewelry! I’m really into a lot of designer jewelry and handmade artisan jewelry, but I just can’t bring myself to make the investment that such jewelry usually costs. So, if I go more expensive, I tend to go for classics like pearls and diamonds. Pretty much all of these were gifts, though, like the simple but gorgeous diamond studs that my mom gave me for graduation. I also like to buy vintage and antique jewelry from antique stores, and I have a couple of beautiful antique rings (I went through a ring phase where I just bought craploads of rings.) I also have a lot of statement jewelry, but I tend to only buy cheap statement jewelry because it tends to be very trendy. I have a pair of large silver leaf French hooks that I frequently wear, and I just got this wooden bib necklace while I was on vacation last week. I’m just starting to get into watches, too. I just got a Glam Rock watch from my dad for graduation, and now I really want this Rivera watch by Marc Jacobs don’t know if you can count this, but I’m also a big barrette person. My mom gave me a whole bunch of vintage metal barrettes that she had when she was a kid, and I love them and wear them all the time.

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Bet I’m gonna be the only guy responding on here, haha.
I like jewelery alot. I’ve toned down what I wear in recent years (mostly because I am trying to look like a teacher and not a student anymore, haha), used to wear a lot of rings and necklaces. Now mostly I just wear my piercings, some cartilage rings and gauges…. Here’s a picture of my favorite ones , except mine are blue ! (And don’t worry, my gauges aren’t horrendously big. They are often mistaken for normal earrings.)

I have a crap car and I only have 2 pairs of shoes that are both over 4 years old, but gauges is one area of consumption where I definitely indulge myself. I have about 10 different pairs of them, in different colors of silicone, wood, semi precious stones, and metal.

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I’m a jewelry fanatic. I go into jewelry stores quite frequently to admire the cuts and colors of various gems. I also have my ears stretched and a few facial piercings and I love to go on Amazon and look for the latest deals on jewelry.

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I am into jewelry. I have a serious thing for rings.

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Not at all, really. I mean, I like to look at it, but I rarely wear any. Part of it is because I much prefer the look of white gold or silver over yellow gold, but am extremely ‘allergic’ to the white metals. :(

I own a lot of nice jewelry, thanks to inheritances and an ex-husband who loved to buy it for me, but it all sits in my jewelry box. As @Fly noted above, I gave her my fabulous diamond studs for her high school graduation. They look great on her, and I bet she’s already worn them more than I ever did! I do wear tiny yellow gold continuous hoops in all my ear piercings. They’re just in all the time, so I don’t even think about them.

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I like stone plugs and my ear cuff. I always forget to accessorize so that’s all I wear most of the time since I don’t have to take them out/off before bed. I’ve been wearing my rutilated quartz most of the week.

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I like this kind of thing but I very rarely wear anything like that because it just gets in the way and annoys me. Piercings don’t appeal to me either – I’ve no desire to stick bits of metal in my body. I’d rather have ink.

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@downtide I think you have to stick bits of metal into you body to get the ink ;)

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Nope. Just my wedding band, which I wear almost daily.

I used to be into watches, but I wear them less frequently since I got a smart phone four years ago.

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@Aethelflaed only temporarily. :)

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I like it, I have a lot of it but I don’t normally wear it because I’m always running late in the morning and don’t usually have time to pick it out and put it on (especially bracelets with the little clasps that take an acrobat to clasp). If I do wear something, it might be a bracelet that stretches (takes zero time to put on) or earrings if I wear my hair up. If I wear my hair down, you really can’t see earrings on me, anyway.

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I do like jewelry. Earrings and necklaces more than bracelets.

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Sure. Lately, I am looking for nice statement necklaces.

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I do like jewelry, but I tend to just buy it inexpensively at places like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe because I don’t value jewelry enough to spend any large amount of money on it, at least at this point in time. I love long pendant necklaces, like pocket watch necklaces and stuff like that. I’m also really into rings. I like big rings, like this one that I got a couple of years ago at Charlotte Russe and I still often wear. I especially love silver and turquoise rings, @augustlan gave me one of hers from high school that I constantly wore on my pinkie for months, but sadly it got too big for it and I was afraid of losing it. I like to wear bracelets sometimes, like a bamboo bracelet I got at the beach one year and this simple braided bracelet that @Fly got me for Christmas last year.

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Oh yes, especially making it. It’s a favorite hobby of mine. I’ve sold a little bit on Etsy, too.

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@Mariah I’ve seen lots of your jewelry, and I’ve been meaning to tell you that I think it’s fantastic! You make some really awesome stuff! :-)

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I don’t wear as much as I used to, but only because I can’t find anything that I like anymore.
I used to have a pinky ring that I really liked, and wore every day, but I lost it.
And my ankle bracelet broke, and I’ve yet to find a worthy replacement for it, either.
I do wear a necklace every day. It’s a simple chain, with an angel on it.

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@Mariah Wow, your stuff is really pretty!!

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@Aethelflaed Thanks!! I keep meaning to put more up but there’s been a lot going on. Have a bunch of finished pieces just lying around needing to be photographed!

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