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What kind of Ferret is my Ferret?

Asked by kitchi1 (179points) July 12th, 2012

I was in my room today letting my ferrets play around and I wondered what kind of ferret my boy is. I always thought he was a Panda, but that was before he outgrew his baby fur. I don’t know how to upload pics and I don’t have a current one of him on my laptop anyway. I’ll try my best to describe him.
Okay, his undercoat is pink. He doesn’t have a mask (Although it looks like he might have one when he gets older), His back is black, his tail is grey with some white or silver hairs, his legs are black with a redish-brownish half way down and has white feet. His neck is white and behind his ears are redish-brownish. His rear (Right before his tail) is redish-brownish as well. His entire stomach and is white but has a couple black hairs around his chest. His face is white with brown under his eyes and brown growing between his eyes. He has a pink nose.
Sorry it’s so long. Thanks for reading this and heping me. I explaining.

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Thank you!

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I think he might be a Panda. Not sure. I’ll keep looking.

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He looks like a Panda, but has more colors than just White and Grey. I think Panda may be it.

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@kitchi1 Your ferret is almost certainly not a black-footed ferret but I bet you would enjoy reading about the efforts to save this native American species. And as his full color comes in, if he actually IS a black-foot you will want to get in touch with wildlife experts who are reintroducing them to the wild.

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Oh, I know he’s not a Black-foot. I’ve read about them, seen many pictures of them, and I got him at Petco.

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@kitchi1 Yeah, he’s most likely a European polecat type—but the critters are still criminally cute.

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