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Do you know anyone who has killed another person?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) July 12th, 2012

inspired by some of the answers here.

Curious if anyone has had a chance to talk to someone who has killed another person in the past. Perhaps you have a relationship with him/her (parent, spouse, child, friend, etc)

Lots of stray questions come to mind about their characters and about their stories beyond what you hear on tv or in courts. Please answer any, all, or other questions as you see fit:

What do they have to say about why they did it?
What do they think about murder and/or killing in general now?
Are they remorseful? Do they feel they had no choice?
What stray insights have they gleamed from their perspective? (beyond avoiding soap clumsiness, i mean)
Have you learned anything from knowing these people in their position?

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Yes. In addition to the response on that other question where I mentioned an old friend murdered her mother, I assume that our dad did.

He was a rifleman in WWII and fought in The Battle of the Bulge, along with other horrific experiences at that time. He never talked about it to us. The only information I have is what Mom has passed on to me from his censored letters home to his mother, plus an old army buddy who is still alive. What surprises me the most is that, despite his horrific experience and the following years of waking up screaming from the nightmares, that he continued to bird hunt.

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@Pied_Pfeffer My grandpa also fought in the Battle of the Bulge. I’m not certain if he killed anyone or not; he doesn’t talk about it.

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I know someone who accidentally killed someone in a bar fight. He was convicted of manslaughter and served time. He never talks about it, but he learned to never become enraged, and will not fight physically, only verbally, no matter what the provocation.

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I hadn’t seen or heard of the guy since I was in high school, but about 8 years out of high school a guy that was on swim team with me killed his girlfriend by bludgeoning her and then dumping her body. He was hosing out his van when the police came to talk to him. Freaked a lot of us, but I didn’t have any interaction with him at all.

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I met the serial killer that @Fly referred to in the question you linked, but I only knew him before he committed the murders. He’d been a childhood friend of my then-husband’s, and I’d met him several times. In fact, he came to dinner at our house once. He didn’t strike me as someone who would later kill several people, but he wasn’t exactly your average citizen, either. Kind of a low-life, but I certainly hadn’t been afraid of him. They’d fallen out of touch many years before the murders. It freaked all of us out when we heard about his killing spree.

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I was hang-out buddies in high school with a very sweet guy who was an Iraq veteran.

And just a couple of years ago, I dated an Iraq veteran.

They both had to kill someone in self defense.

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I know a guy who very probably did, but doesn’t let on. And my cousin-in-law was in Iraq, albeit as a firefighter; I suppose that he’d have occasion to shoot people, but that’s less likely.

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Yes, I know someone who has PTSD and shot his ex-wife’s new boyfriend 7 times. I had to be around him because he was the boyfriend of my (then) boss. But we never discussed his crime.

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I didn’t know him personally, but the Craigslist killer went to my high school. Everyone says he was a cool guy, didn’t seem like the sort at all.

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One of my son’s good friends is currently in jail for DUI vehicular manslaughter. The experience has changed him and has had an impact on my son, as well. They became friends afte High School, so I don’t know him well. Even prior to his sentencing, this young man had started to go to High Schools to talk about his experience to discourage kids from driving under the influence, and he plans to do so upon his release.

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A cousin is in prison for murder. Haven’t seen him in nearly thirty years though, and not sure we’d really have anything to talk about.

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I know someone who killed his friend in a car accident :(

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