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What divorce theory is the best?(see detail,long story)

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 20th, 2010

There was a problem about broken household in a show that specify to help those who in this critical situation to solve their problem once and for all in that show. The problem in this household is that her husband went to find another woman since his wife didn’t want to satisfy him anymore,her wife too,have the same problem,she claim that she also like another man,all family members from both couple are invited(grandmas,granpas,sisters,brother/sister in law,their children,etc). In this show there are usually two permanent observer to observe the situation and give advices to solve the one/family in need(one is a Phd in Psychology,and the other one is a well-known child-development expert),what different is that another expert(guest expert) is invited at in this particular sequel. He is a Phd in Sexiology and a well-known problem solver if it’s about divorces and family problems(always appear in TV when he’s needed,outside this show).

After some long heated drama(most likely melodramatic),lies,blames,fights,etc(observer are also give advices along the family drama) It’s now the time for all judges to give this family their ultimate problem solver advices.
The first and the second judges,as usual,said that this family must not divorce,they must remember their children and they must responsible to their children,in other words they must keep this family and try to soften this destructive issue for the sake of their children since their children are the result of their action and they(judges) don’t want children without a complete family,could be tough for their future.

The third observer(guest) said the same thing with these first and second responders(he just agree and say a few words to slightly strengthen their theory and remain silent),what is weird is that as a well-known expert/master in this field he have dealt with thousands of problems like this one and he always said this theory; “If you and your partner can’t get along/don’t want to love each other anymore you should divorce,it’s for the sake of you and your partner,both for your own separate happiness,you don’t want your children suffer again and again if they live and watch you both can’t get along/fighting repeatedly in their family.” He always suggest the same thing to his other clients,outside this show.

What is weird this time is that he didn’t say his usual theory,could he afraid/be interfered by the other observes?(they have no discussion about this problem). I suspect that he don’t want to start a debate about this problem in this show,it will look weird if the observers fight each other in this problem solving show.

In the end,the husband finally admit that this is all his fault,he’s the one who cause this destruction in this family,he wants to change,so he pleas his wife to forgive him and start a new life again,but his wife decline his wish,stated that it just far too late for forgiveness,she’s now has her new life and she has already engaged with other man. Their children decided to live with their mother when they have divorced,the show has finally ended,and the observers,audiences(nosy audiences),and the host look disappointed,stating that they have failed again this time.

Can anyone here clarify both theory in this situation? What is your thought?

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Only the couple can decide whether they should stay together or part ways. They are the only two who can strive to make it work, whatever their reasons may be.

It’s always interesting how couples are willing to take their personal lives to the television screen.

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@MissA Advices from the observers are strongly recommended. The reason why they participate in this is show is that they want the observers to solve their family problems. They won’t get in that show if they can solve their problems all by themselves.

Most participants took advices/suggestion from the observers in this show,I think the ultimate theory is the key to the fate of family that is in problems in this particular show.

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You explained well. I’m saying that, in my opinion, no matter what the show or circumstance, that unless both the husband and wife are committed to overcoming their problem(s), then it doesn’t matter what anyone else suggests.

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@MissA The people you described won’t come to this show. I’m talking about which theory is the best for this situation,and again,advices from observers are most likely accepted by the family/participant. No one go to doctor if that person don’t want to accept any advice to solve his/her illness from the doctor(at least,that is how people in my country behave).

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I feel as if I’m not answering correctly…perhaps I’m just not understanding some key piece of information. Let’s see what others have to say.

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Are you asking what theory either staying together for the kids or separating for the kids is best? If so, I don’t think that I can say which is best because every situation is unique and a blanket “theory” won’t apply all of the time. It seems that you are most puzzled by the fact that the “expert” seemingly switched his usual theory….but who knows. Those shows just exploit people and their problems and I think make things worse.

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In this case a divorce would be appropiate being that she has already moved on. She should’ve stated that from the beginning and just had the discussion on how to make things easier on the children and how to bury the past and the resentment towards each other so the children don’t suffer any more than they had too. I would suspect that this was more of an attempt to humiliate the husband on national tv.

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