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Have you ever used Sallie Mae for student loans as an undergraduate?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) July 16th, 2012

How does it all work out? I have a general idea would love to know your experience however. Thanks!

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Additionally, where should I apply for loans? I am trying to stick to Government approved loans, so Sallie Mae probably not what I’m looking for, however there seems to only be one option for my school called the “William D. Ford Direct Loan Program”

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Yes. I got a Sallie Mae loan when I went to massage therapy school. I don’t know if I simply got screwed, or if they deal like this with everyone, but they weren’t supposed to start charging on the loan until I finished school, but they did anyway. They also started charging me higher payment amounts. like, I was supposed to be paying X amount per month, and they raised it to X plus 50%. The day I paid that stupid thing off was one of my happiest days. :D

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You need to begin by visiting This is where you will fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Don’t be fooled by any other sites, they will take you through the entire application then ask you to pay at the end in order to submit it. Only use the site it will not cost you a cent. Once you have completed the application the school you are attending will put together a financial aid package based on the information you provided. You will have the opportunity to accept the financial aid you want/need and decline what you do not.Peruse the fafsa site and you can get answers to most, if not all of your questions regarding financial aid and student loans.

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I have not used Sallie Mae, and I’ve really heard too many horror stories to ever use them; I’d rather just drop out of school. If you file for bankruptcy, you will probably not get to include your student loans, including from Sallie Mae.

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I used to work at a school
in the financial aid department. I dealt with refunds – there are lots of options you can take to prevent what happened to @willworkforchocolate from
happening to you & @SuperMouse is correct – you wanna go through the FAFSA system rather than some
other random process unless you are dealing directly with a financial aid officer at the school you’re trying to attend – the FA officers use FAFSA anyway but the process goes quicker with them
cause they know all the steps by heart.

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I appreciate all your help! And yes I’ve been doing FAFSA, I’ll have to contact a financial aid specialist and see what my options are as far as loans with the government. Thanks again :D

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