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Is there a musician whose sexy voice didn't match your imagination?

Asked by Blueroses (18190points) July 18th, 2012

I’m thinking old-school, personally.

I get all hot and bothered with old T-Rex and Dire Straits songs.

Kinda wish I’d never seen Marc or Mark’s photos.

How about you? Any songs that make you go mmmm, baby! then you see the face and say hm? What? did you get the wrong body?

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Susan Boyle is the first singer who came to mind. Lyle Lovett. John Popper with Blues Traveler.

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Tom Waits. I thought he was Jewish.

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I agree with all of the above. Sorry I couldn’t think of my own.

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I’ll just drop this here

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@bkcunningham I also thought of Lyle but, the more I see him perform live, the sexier I think he is. Just as he is.
But definitely, he’s an example of “the universal control” compensates.

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Fuck! Well played, you. Well played.

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It is questions like this that make me want to convert to Christianity so I can praise God I was not born a woman.

If I had to think this way, I think I would have killed myself by drinking nail polish.


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Rick Astley for sure. I’m guessing that was @SpatzieLover‘s answer, but I can’t view the video.
Prince… But it wasn’t long before I discovered the appeal.

As for women, KD Lang and that country singer who wore gloves all the time – I can’t remember her name. Edit: I remembered her name! K.T. Olson.

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@wundayatta Why on earth would this be only a “woman thing”?

Which color polish do you prefer for your suicide? I have Do-Me-Red or Strike-Me-Pink

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It may not be PC, but only a woman could think up a question like this. Hell. Only a woman could think the thoughts that would lead to a question like this. And definitely, only a woman could provide a link to a video like the one @SpatzieLover provided and expect it to be understood—but only by a woman.

You guys are simply nuts! But I have to say I think I have met my match. This is something I could never understand. Even if someone wrote a dissertation on it. Or perhaps especially if someone wrote a dissertation on it, since then I’d have to read it, and that would mean I’d have to care enough to learn how to read, first.

Nope. I’m a simple man with simple needs. This is forever beyond me. It’s enough to make me turn to bimbos.

Dig dig.

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OMG. Check this out! The geeky guy is the one singing it! I spent 20 minutes trying to find this song…and kept passing “Donny Iris” up because….NO WAY!!

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To all who posted a similar example….some amazing voices come out of ordinary- (nay—goofy looking) people, don’t they!

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@wundayatta Let me try to ‘splain…you hear a deep voice like in the link @SpatzieLover posted, and you think “hunk.” .... is it clear now?

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Just FYI, who did @SpatzieLover link to?

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@Dutchess_III That’s exactly what I meant. You get my drift.

It’s a matter of Video killed the radio star.

I still get more (mmmmm) from You’re dirty/sweet and you’re my girl than from any packaged/perfected/autotuned boy-of-the-month.

Wish I hadn’t seen a picture. The voice was perfect.

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I love Doug’s sexy voice but pretty he isn’t.

And then there’s Edgar. This is what he looks like now and back then wasn’t a great improvement.

Two examples of the voice not fitting the vision.

Aww poor Marc… I was never into T-Rex particularly though.

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Carol King is one. And I saw Gordon Lightfoot back in the 70s, he had a bit if a belly then, just looked like a beer drinking slob.

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@Bellatrix your link to Doug is blocked in US?

@zenvelo I don’t even want to see Gordon Lightfoot in any era…. if you could read my mind, love… what a tale my thoughts could tell

Perfect. I don’t want it spoiled

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@wundayatta That isn’t a woman thing, but it might be a generation thing? For a while it became really popular for people to trick each other into seeing the video/ listening to the song. It’s kind of like the snake in a can prank- you feel so dumb for falling for it, and that’s what makes it funny. Rick Astley himself got in on the joke.

But yeah, the question hasn’t happened to me- I didn’t realize that was so common!

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Trent Reznor.

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@wundayatta : Lucky indeed. Because ya know, all people who are labelled “women” at birth are constrained to think in exactly the same way…They can’t help it, poor things.

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This reminds me of a question Seelix asked a year or two ago.

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In the world of opera, there are lots of examples. Gorgeous, beautiful voices, but grossly overweight bodies.

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Shirley Temple, jailbait if ever there was ;¬}

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@Dutchess_III He’s not a hunk? Oh well. Women are impossible to figure out.

@bookish1 So you tell me. Is that dude a hunk or not? Besides, isn’t it true that some women have the good sense to turn sensible and become men?

You know I’m just being silly, right?

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@Aethelflaed Is it a height thing?

@wundayatta Or maybe women aren’t some separate species with uniform tastes that can be figured out in one go.

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Not A Hunk.

I can NOT believe Not A Hunk sang Ah Leah

@2davidc8 Oprah is a whole different genre. They aren’t singing hot, steamy, sexy songs.

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No, @SavoirFaire, you are, not to put too fine a point on it, quite wrong. Women are a separate species. They even have their own name (womenificus differentus). They all think the same and have the same tastes. I don’t know how you could possibly not have noticed this unless…..

…you’re a secret woman! Dun, dun, duhn!

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I don’t know if this counts. When Laughter in the Rain came out in 1975, I was later shocked to find out that it was a man singing it. And now after saying that, the same goes for Danke Schoen sung by Wayne Newton.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Same for me when I heard Hot Child in the City on a sound track. I was certain a woman was singing it.

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Well, knock me over with a feather @Blueroses. That’s another to add to the list.

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@wundayatta: Wow, so you were able to stick your other foot in your mouth. Impressive!

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@Dutchess_III You are so right about the singer of Ah Leah! I never would have imagined he was so dorky looking!

And may I add my own contribution. UGH.

It’s amazing to me, that a simple, fun question like this can somehow breed stupidity and sexism…

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The whole point of the question was to breed stupidity and sexism. Get with the program!

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Don’t say “breed” @WillWorkForChocolate! You’ll get the guys all fired up!

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@WillWorkForChocolate shortly after filming this video, the lead singer of Mungo Jerry was needed back on the Planet of the Apes set. Seriously, those are some epic sideburns!

@wundayatta I could explain that this wasn’t intended to imply that only the hunkalicious deserve attention, only the surprise when pre-conceived notions are shot to hell sometimes… but… why ruin your fun?

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Indeed? ;-P

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That rhymes, @wundayatta! “Breed/‘Indeed”....See! I told you so @WillWorkForChocolate.

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So who’s up for breeding? So long as there’s enough seeding, and hardly any weeding, I’m up for it, and you don’t have to provide any feeding. Leave out the bleeding, too. It is not a good sign where breeding is concerned.


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Let’s start the proceeding.

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