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Can we talk about listening to music?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31693points) 1 month ago

What kind of music do you like? I like classical best, then jazz, then musicals, then alternative rock.

How do you listen to music? Turntable, CD player, radio, streaming device, or something else? I use a streaming device (Sonos player).

How often do you go out for live music? I try to go once a month to hear live music. I usually go to the First Friday events downtown where there’s always good live bands.

Is there anything else you want to discuss about music?

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I listen to my 10.000 songs wide playlist on Spotify, mostly with my headphones on.
It ranges from Mariza, to Chicago, to Queen, to Mercedes Sosa, to Steely Dan, to Bowie, etc., etc.
Pop, fusion, ethnic, rock, techno, Dutch, grunge, classical.
I listen to music again since a year about.

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@rebbel Cool! What device do you use to listen to music on Spotify? Is it your smartphone or a computer or something else?

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95% through my smartphone.
When not over my headphones, I play it through Chromecast, thus over the hi-fi.

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I like a wide range of music, classical, rock, jazz, and folk. I listen to music every day, usually through headphones and streamed over the internet. I go to live music only once or twice a year.

Music is nevertheless an important part of my life and has been since my late teens.

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I think my favorite type of music is what I call symphonic rock. Things like Trans Siberian orchestra, where they integrate both rock and classical. Genesis (old Genesis) where the song was not just three chords repeated over and over. There is/was real musical talent there.
I’ve always been a sucker for songs that tell a story. I like most types of music, though Hip Hop and Rap give me a headache, as does really hard rock. None of these really have any heart in my book.
As for listening devices, I generally use my phone these days. I still have vinyl, but no turntable. I do have CD’s and will listen to them sometimes, but I have downloaded them all to my computer and phone so I have my whole library all the time. I will listen via ear buds or sometimes my bluetooth speakers.

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My favorite kind is rock fusion, such as blues rock (Clapton, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Hydrogen Anvil, Johnny Winter, etc), acid/blues rock (Hendrix), Latinx rock (Santana), classical, new wave, etc.

I love some of the 90’s dance pop, such as What is Love, by Hadaway.

I also really like jazz (Miles Davis, John Kaizan Neptune, Grover Washington Jr, Stanley Clarke, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Di Meola, etc)

I usually play MP3 files stored in my computer, and I play them on my computer.

Occasionally I’ll watch MPG or MP4 music videos stored in a flash drive, that I’ll plug into my Blu-ray player.

I’ve been to about 80 concerts in my life, but the last one I attended was on 4/20/19. The last one before that was a Corrs concert in 2004, at the Wolftrap theater in Virginny.

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I listen to the spa music on the cable tv.

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I like a lot of it: Metal, blues, classical, electronic, rock, soundtracks. Generally though If it’s on the radio or mainstream it mostly does not appeal to me. Not being snobby but I like long, complex instrumentals which are not too radio friendly.

I’m all digital these days but I keep my mp3 library offline. I still pay for albums I like.

I don’t go out to see live music much anymore but it was a major part my youth.

I used to play in rock bands till I started working in my career. My sisters are both professional musicians. I was a serious classical guitar student for about a year until I came to my senses and followed another talent. These days I tinker as much as I play. I design and wind pickups, build guitars, amplifiers, pedals etc.

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I like jazz music, but I prefer peace and quiet with no music and the sound turned off my computer. There is still plenty of noise, with the air conditioner/furnace, the various Computer fans, the refrigerator and freezer.
My husband listens to music pretty much every waking hour, at work,home and even in the shower, mostly jazz and show tunes.

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From when I was about 10 until about ten years ago, I listened to music all the time at home. Radio, cassette, albums – mostly radio. Now I only really listen to it in the car. I have a Google Home but I don’t have any paid music subscription right now so I don’t stream at home.

I like everything from rock to classic disco to R&B to pop. When I was a teen, I was a bit past rock which is now known as “classic rock.” The local radio stations mostly played things like Zeppelin, Yes, Beatles, Who – stuff like that and it was so boring to me. I started listening to New Wave (The Cars, The Ramones, Blondie, Joe Jackson, Depeche Mode, Ministry, etc.) and pop (Culture Club, Wham) and urban radio. I never was a country music fan. Classical maybe here and there when I’m traveling.

I love concerts and try to go to a few a year but now they’re so expensive. I’m glad I saw some really good acts when they were more affordable. I refuse to pay 3 and 400 dollars for a concert ticket.

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My iPod in the car, cd’s on a boom box, or 40’s junction on dish

I love music from most eras, but especially 40’s, jazz, 60’s rock early new wave, and folk.

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Most of my music is classical; that has been my favorite genre since I was introduced to it at a young age. I also listen to indie rock, electronica, alternative rock, pop, vocaloid, some hip hop, and showtunes. I have at least a few songs from all the other major genres, but I don’t listen to them to enough to list them here. I listen almost exclusively through headphones. Most of my classical music is lossless music ripped from CD; most of my popular music was downloaded from iTunes. I play it through iTunes or MusicBee and I plug my headphones into a USB DAC/amp.

I have also been into vinyl for the past couple of years. My vinyl collection is mostly classical with some musicals. Again, I listen with headphones for the most part.

I don’t see much live music. I would go to the symphony every now and then growing up (and in college), but I haven’t been to many popular music concerts (they’re often too crowded and too loud for my liking).

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I listen on the radio and my iPhone mostly. I still have CD’s also, but most songs are downloaded into my iTunes.

I like eurobeat, some new wave from the day, Latin American, classical, Disco, and even some 50’s and 60’s.

Currently, I go out for live music about once a week, but where I live there is free live music every night. If I go out for dinner it’s most likely at a town square that has live music playing, so even if I don’t go for the music, I’ll probably stop for ten minutes to listen to two songs. This is in addition to specifically going to listen to the live music. This is all free. I pay to go to concerts about 2–4 times a year and it’s usually the symphony.

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I go to the Jazz Jubilee every year on Labor Day, and have attended other jazz festivals throughout the year.

My youngest grandson is currently taking piano lessons, and loves playing spontaneous music every day (not banging on the keys, but actual creative music).

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Satellite radio for Jazz and Classical. CD’s for Hawaiian and Ukulele !

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I adore music of all kinds, from classical to hip hop. Love the latina beats.

Over the years its been via mp3 player, walkman, now usually youtube, i like watching bands and videos. Earbuds all day at work. Maybe the iHeart app on Facebook will work better than spotify did, we’ll see.

Live music, I go when I can, my area doesnt get big name concerts, but some of the local bands are good. The Black Moods and Members Only, 80’s cover band, fun guys. Its a college town so every night is live music somewhere.

What I really love about music is the feelz, memories, how theres a song for every mood. As a person with a temper, I can plop my earbuds in instead of destroying the world, it calms me.

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I can hear live music from my backyard. We live two blocks from an outdoor venue here in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. A few weeks ago I sat outside listening to Hall and Oates. My husband and I sat in the park next to the venue with some beer and listened to Greta Van Fleet when they were here in June. We saw Queens of the Stone Age at this venue last year. That’s when we decided we found our new home and we made the move out of rural Illinois a few months later. We also live 3 blocks from another venue that has well known bands. Unfortunately we’ve been pretty broke and haven’t been able to see any yet. We did get to see The Pixies and Weezer not too long ago.

I like most music. I’m not very picky. I don’t like screamo or butt rock. What I listen to depends on my mood. I might listen to Neil Young one day then Nikki Minaj the next. My favorite artists are Jack White and Eddie Vedder.

I like listening to radio for the randomness. I’ll use Spotify if I’m feeling particular.

Steel Pulse is playing here in a few days. I wish I could go but money is tight.

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