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Why did you attend graduate school? Was it worth it? What were you GRE scores - which schools did you receive acceptance to?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 1st, 2008

There are so many reason to go to grad school, but seemingly many more NOT to. Doesn’t anyone go for simply an education anymore?

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I needed my Master’s in order to obtain licensure in my profession. Now a Doctorate is the entry-level. I am grandfathered since I’ve been licensed for 15 years, but I still contemplate going for my Doctorate anyway…

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I’m going because it seems like the best way to be a really good scientist.

I haven’t started yet so I don’t know if it will be worth it.

My GRE scores were hella good.

I got into schools ranked #5 and #12 for my program.

I don’t think anyone does anything just for an education unless they have a bigass trust fund.

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I did it because at 21 and fresh out of college, I was naive and didn’t know better. Years later, I’m still wondering what the hell happened to me!

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@shilolo – what was your area of study? is it useful today?

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I have both an MD and PhD (in Immunology). I would say they are quite useful today, but it has been a very long course.
My initial answer to your question was facetious. Grad school certainly can be useful, depending on what you focus on.

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How about anthro? Most good programs require to go all the way to a PhD, which freaks me out.

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Don’t know much about it. Plus, you want to think, “What will I do with the degree when I’m done.” Academics jobs (i.e. teaching/research) at colleges or universities can be tough to get. I think you could try asking Delirium. I feel like she mentioned something about studying anthropology.

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