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What health problems do roaches face?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12006points) February 26th, 2017

Roaches get sick? Do they get old? Do they get fleas? What things do roaches have to look out for besides being eaten or killed or poisoned?

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I would guess that even greater than predation, would be the huge mortality rate from poisoning. I don’t know what plagues roaches, but it’s a certainty that any species so prolific will have parasites and diseases thriving on the bounty.

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Murder by humans.

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That video was disgusting, sad and incredible, @ragingloli.

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Yes. I’ve never felt so sorry for a roach. Mother nature is very cruel.

I would think poisoning would be a big problem for them. They seem to just eat whatever is lying around. They must be doing something right. Damn things are everywhere.

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I don’t know, but I love the question. I thought only @RedDeerGuy1 and @ragingloli could come up with questions like that.

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I wonder if their numbers are kept down by limited resources. An individual roach can go for days without food, but when you have so many of them, maybe food availability is a factor.

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Anxiety from all the hiding. I don’t know maybe they can get mental illnesses. I know of a HUGE spider that had a death wish and chased me. Until I got ahold of my size 15 shoes and the tables turned.

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They can get parasites that reduce their life expectancy and their numbers.

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They seem to be able to eat/survive on anything. Soap,chalk, cannibalism etc…

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Zombie cockroaches are horrifying. As a species, they are very resilient. I had them in my house and garden in New Zealand. Not the zombie sort I dint think. Did you know they think we are dirty and if touched by a person, they will thoroughly clean themselves afterwards? It is often said if there is a nuclear war, cockroaches will out survive us humans.

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Ciliates (Protozoa), amoeba, and nematodes. If anyone is interested in delving further into cockroach parasites, here ya go!

And here’s a link for the reference to the zombie cockroach.

‘Dementor’ wasp turns cockroaches into zombies

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