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What should this birthday party invitation say?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) July 22nd, 2012

I’m turning 15 and I’m having a girls day/night out along with a sleepover. For my birthday invitations I’m doing a Prezi (For those of you who don’t know, Prezi is a website that allows you to make extremely cool slideshow/power point presentation things). To keep it more interesting I want to have more than 2 slides, which is all it usually would take since typical invitations are sent using only 1 Piece of paper. So, here’s the thing—I need help trying to decide what to say on the “main” part. You know, the parts that say “Come and join us for some fun because so & so is turning whatever.” Also, what should I put on the other slides. Please, nothing tacky or embarrassing. I’m not turning 9 and my mother isn’t making the invitations, so I need these invites to blow people’s minds! Oh, and please keep in mind that it is a girls night out and sleepover, so please give me an answer along the lines of that. Thank you so much to anyone who can help.

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Hold on, what are you doing during the day, and what are your censors on what it says? (Cussing, ex: kick-ass) xD

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Slide 1: A birthday celebration in three parts. You are invited to my day-evening-night birthday event. Come help me celebrate turning 15.

Slide 2: We start at X time. Be dressed for action in casual wear. (What you say depends on what you are doing during the afternoon.) Do you want to give a hint of what the events are?

Slide 3. Next we move on to an evening of fun. Bring a change of clothes for dancing? fancy restaurant? whatever you are doing.

Slide 4. Sleepover. Who wants to stay up all night? Bring PJs and a sleeping bag. (or whatever you want them to bring). Their favorite music?

Slide 5. So save the date. Saturday August 4th from 2 P.M until whenever. (put in your actual date and time. RSVP to putinyourphone number. See you then!

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Are you a guy? The less said the better.

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@josie ..Uhm “girls” night out?

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I’m curious as to whether fifteen year old girls have longer attention spans than adults do. The reason I ask is that most adults want everything in an invitation on one page. For every page in addition you make people look, you lose more people.

But maybe it’s different with teens. Maybe girls love this stuff so much, they’re willing to press on page after page of material.

Let’s face it. Unless you make everything really interesting (like the top five viral videos of the day), you are going to lose people the more clicks you ask them to make, I would suspect. So you better find really really cool stuff to keep them interested.

I can’t help you there, because despite having a 16 year old daughter, I don’t know what is cool for you guys, except maybe Regina Spector. I do know that Justin Beiber is no longer cool.

My advice is that shorter is better. The longer you go on, the more people you lose.

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