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Any fun side/bonus games to play at a Poker Party?

Asked by bananafish (1114points) March 25th, 2009

As noted below, I’m throwing my husband a 30th bday poker party. To keep the action lively and just make it extra fun, do you know of any side/bonus games I could incorporate into the poker game – the type of thing where I might give out prizes here and there throughout the evening?

Any other fun/festive ideas for making it a memorable and festive occasion? It’s his 30th, I’d really like to knock this out of the park.

RECIPES are greatly welcomed, too!!

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Use clothing instead of chips.

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Wow, I walked right into that. Ok, let me clarify: No strip poker. I have ugly friends, and I’d hate to have to poke out my eyes with pencil tips just before my husband’s birthday.

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If you’re playing hold ‘em, the 7/2 game can add a fun twist.
7/2 off-suit is considered the worst starting hand in poker. If you win with it (and you have to show!) everyone owes you a dollar.
Are your friends poker players, or are they going to have to be talked through a lot of the details of the game?

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since its your husbands birthday and its probably going to be his friends there you can do like a trivia on his life, ask questions like what his favorite color is or things like that

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add a drinking game…. everyone takes a drink on a particular hand.. or if you play texas hold ‘em… everyone drinks if you flop a certain hand.. plus if you assign very player a particular card as an identifier.. when that card shows up that person takes a drink :)

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Hahaha… ugly friends.

Beer pong!

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Add scalps to the poker tournaments, it means you pay an extra £5 or in or so and then you’ll get a special chip that says “scalp” on it. Once you knock someone out of the tournament you get to keep their scalp chip which you can cash out later. (or you could just have a prize for whoever has the most scalps)

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