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Has anyone had personal experience with this car?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) July 22nd, 2012

I wanted a car that was as small as possible but able to carry a wheelchair. I also preferred a stick shift. I went to a Honda dealer because I’ve always had good luck and trusted my Honda Civics. I just bought a Honda Fit. I’d never heard of it. It’s shorter than my Civics were and a little wider. When you put the back seats down it opens to a space that would hold a small sofa, let alone a wheel chair. They even had one that had a standard transmission. Seems perfect for me. Has anyone had any experience with this car?

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I’ve been driving one for 3 years now and love it. It’s a perfect city car (nimble, easy to park), and we’ve also taken some long road trips in it too (good mileage and, yes, great cargo capacity).

I’ve only had one mechanical problem with it so far: a transmission issue, but that happened while it was still under warranty, so it’s all good. My only complaint is the marital discord it provokes when my wife usurps the driver’s seat.

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@thorninmud Thank you. I won’t have that problem. My primary passenger can no longer drive.

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Actually, I do have one other complaint. The front pillar is positioned so that when I’m at an intersection, it blocks my view of the diagonal corner. If a pedestrian is stepping off that corner into the crosswalk, I may not see them. I’ve had to develop a habit of leaning way over to peek around the pillar.

Just letting you know, in case you haven’t discovered this yourself. But then, maybe your seating position and height keep it from being an issue.

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I’ll check. Thanks. And thanks for the picture. I wouldn’t have known where to look. I had to raise the steering wheel to see the dials and was still having a problem seeing them. Discovered that my sun glasses were too dark. Easily solved.

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