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Do you know about or have you seen footage of the Police attacking a group of protestors (including women & children) in Anaheim, CA, by shooting rubber bullets & using an attack dog?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7743points) July 23rd, 2012

These people of this neighborhood had gathered to protest a police shooting earlier in the day, a shooting that they did not feel was justified. The protestors were men, women, & children & the Police response was brutal. This is one of the links available on-line.

Can this display of force be justified?

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The USA has become detached from the Free World it purports to defend.

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Well, there are systems in place to protest and question what our police do. Not having been there, I can’t make that call, but IA has to investigate every time an officer shoots his gun. I’d say that it was unjustified to harass police on the scene while in commission of their duty, and it certainly was ill advised to involve their children.
If they then fell prey to the mob mentality and began “closing off the street”, I’d say that in the old days, they could have conceivably formed a lynch mob and hurt the officer. They were still riled up and causing trouble at the time of the newscast, someone actually started a dumpster fire, so….
I’d say the police have not only the right to quell possible riots, but the duty to do so. I also think that the news was slanted towards sensationalism. The female news person said a crowd of “women and children” when there were clearly plenty of men as well.
I’d say that the error was first made by people who felt free to interfere with the police in the pursuit of their duty.
It was not the time or place for that.

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Looks to me like incompetence. The cops were not prepared to deal with angry people. The dog looks like it got loose, not that it was sicced on that woman. I don’t think the officer wanted that to happen.

Looks like it was a hispanic neighborhood, so there may be prejudice involved, as well. Don’t forget this is California, land of super low property taxes. They probably don’t have enough money to give their cops proper training. But the level of force does not seem to be appropriate to me.

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The way I read the story, the group turned into a mob (near riot) that was throwing things (including incendiaries) at the police. They were trying to make a lawful arrest.

It looks to me like the police are correct here and the mob was making things worse. The police have my full support in this instance.

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@elbanditoroso They threw one plastic water bottle in the air, not at police. Both witness accounts and the video clearly show a group sitting and not confrontational when the shooting started.

I linked to this video on this conversation last night and another this morning.

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As a parent, I wouldn’t bring my child to anything that involved an angry crowd + police. I consider that putting your child in danger right from the start.

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Looks like there were bad actors all around. After an officer involved shooting there is quite a bit of investigation that needs to take place, that takes time. If self styled protesters interfere with that investigation, or intimidate the police, that’s a dangerous situation.

But the Anaheim PD sure seems to have overreacted.

There doesn’t seem to have been a reason given for the original shooting other than “he was running away.” That doesn’t seem proper justification.

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