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Milk consumption?

Asked by dallas44 (50points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone

it is really impossible to drink a gallon of milk in an hour?

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Not if you’re a calf.

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Chug chug chug!

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Only if your stomach is of the 1-gallon-capacity breed.

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i drank about half a gallon of pure lactose (it was a see through liquid) for a medical exam, damn, it was so disgusting, i couldn’t drink milk for a few days, to this day i can still distinctly pick out the taste…

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thanx Paul that article was perfect. I feel bad for the guy

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Who’s Paul?

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I have drank a gallon of milk in an hour on three different occasions! I never threw up! My dad was the first one to bet me that I couldn’t. I felt like a Big ‘ol Tick!

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I’ve heard that you can cheat and take lactase pills beforehand. I’ve been curious how well that works, but not curious enough to actually try it.

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@Bulb: remember not to be that kind of father, please.

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@Gail: I know! My pops convinced me to nibble an Indian Turnip, claiming it was Ginseng! The only remedy was to not move my mouth!


My mouth felt like a billion needles were stabbing into it for about three hours!

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@Bulb: the things we do for love, I guess. What’s an Indian Turnip? It sounds like a mean request.

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When my husband was in college he started a substance-free organization and put on events to give people something to do besides get hammered. One such event included contests such as the “milk-chug power-hour.” Very few people were able to ingest the entire gallon without barfing. It is much harder than you’d think. The main contest at that event wasn’t the milk-chug though, it was the mayo-covered butter stick eating contest. Two words: projectile vomit. (I wonder what is worse for people…mayo-covered butter or alcohol…?)

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I tried it once, convinced I could accomplish it when someone bet me. No such luck!

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