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Any brilliant solutions? What do I do about people who say they are going to come over and pick up freebies I am giving away on Craigslist, but then NEVER show up or even call.?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30680points) July 27th, 2012

Pet peeve of the day; I’m hoping for a solution, since this isn’t the first time it has happened.

From time to time I post stuff on the FREE area in Craigslist – this week it happened to be some lawn and garden equipment and supplies. I don’t want any money for it; I just want to get it out of the house and the yard.

I’ll get a dozen email replies and answer them chronologically. Last night someone responded with in 15 minutes; said he was eager, said he would call me in the morning.

Today: nothing. No email, no phone call, just gone with the wind. Now clearly I have no obligation to this guy, but why would you be eager one day and irresponsible the next?

Yes people are like this, and there is probably no way to prevent against it. I’m the one doing them a favor, so I would think they would have the courtesy to follow up.

Any brilliant ideas?

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I would tell them first come, first served, and put it out on the lawn for them to pick up at their convenience.

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Same as @wundayatta, then update the post when the items are gone.

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I often give people the benefit of the doubt, and feel like maybe something happened where they got thrown off (car broke down, kid got sick, etc.)

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Yah just put them out by the curb, in the post give the address and say pick em up, or they’ll be thrown out by day X.

If they’re still there on X, toss em.

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Maybe try Freecycle rather than Craigslist? Might be a different ethos.

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Always post free stuff with the first come, first serve disclaimer and repeat as necessary to every phone call.

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@DaphneT has some great advice.

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I often say they have to call before they come because I have to lock up my dog.

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