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Photographers, can I have some constructive feedback?

Asked by silverfly (4040points) July 30th, 2012

I’ve always been a big advocate of minimal processing on my photos and have felt that too much post-processing was “cheating”. However, I bit the bullet this weekend and now I’m running a trial of Adobe Lightroom 4.

I’d love to get some feedback on three of my most recent photographs, processed with LR4, posted here: (flowers overlooking ocean, woman looking up, and winterscape)

You may notice that these three photos have a slight difference in tone, quality, and emotion and I’m hoping that those variations make those three photos slightly better than the others in the bunch.

If you have time, I’d love the critique. Thanks!

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I’m not a photographer, so you can discount what I say if you want. I am an observer, and I know what appeals to me, so perhaps you’ll hear something in what I say.

winterscape: too blue, almost grey. Almost flat. Even in a german snow, this seems too muted and too, well, flat. No crispness in this picture.

Flowers on hill: same general issue: too flat, too grey. The green is muted. The yellow barely shows its color. Were the ocean and the sky really so similar in color?

The problem with both of these two is that there’s no focus, nothing to really look at – just a flat greyish, almost bland scene.

The girl: much better. First, there’s a focus – her face. You know what you’re looking at. Second, she has color, contrast. There’s contrast and excitement even without brightness. The colors aren’t boring.

Hope this helps/

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Wow. I took a look at the photos and started to type a response, but noticed that @elbanditoroso essentially said (in a more articulate way) what I was going to say about all three of these photos. The woman looking up has the whole DOF (bokeh?) thing going on, which I’m a sucker for. The only possible thing I would have preferred to see was her face offset a bit more.

I’m envious. I had been saving for a Nikon D5100 for some time, but a recent financial hardship has postponed the beginning of my photography hobby.

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Thanks for the feedback… much appreciated!

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I am not a photographer but rather a painter. I agree with @elbanditoroso regarding the composition of the first two images. But there is nothing about the three images that would make me want to paint them . . . However, the old/new revised and the taste of Wroclaw images are interesting to me . . . particularly the latter. There is a great deal of architectural interest in the Wroclaw photo . . .

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As a web developer, I looked at them and thought what might sell as stock. Winterscape, I actually liked a lot. The comments on the color and flatness are true, but I saw a glimmer of light at the horizon. Is that clearing coming, or the receding edge of clouds bringing more snow. There are vehicle and human tracks in the new-fallen snow, but the one automobile visible has no tracks leading to it. There’s just a dusting of snow. Is more coming, or is that clearing horizon mowing toward the camera. Everything about that photo says to me it would sell as a stock photo. It asks questions.

The other two, not so much. The flowers overlooking ocean evokes a feeling of grimness amid natural beauty. It looks like the Pacific with its cold up-wells of gray waters and clouds that drop little rain. The flowers are tangled in tendrils, almost as if something is trying to reach up out of the ground and strangle the one thing still beautiful in the still life.

As to Woman looking up, lack of context. No sale as a stock photo, although it’s well lit and focused.

The bottom line is I don’t think post processing hurt any of these images.

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I really like the photo of the girl, winterscape and flowers might look better with a little more contrast- but I like your attitude towards editing!

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Great feedback everyone. Thanks again!

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