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100 years from now, what questions do you envision would be posted in Fluther?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) July 30th, 2012

Answering in the form of a question is ideal but feel free to discuss if you wish. Thanks.

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What shall I do about my household robot? It stopped folding the laundry.

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someone will ask :

100 years from now, what questions do you envision would be posted in Fluther?

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And refuses to iron! What else is new, eh-?

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The would be completely illegible to us because of extreme shift to txtspk.

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“How do I overcome my fear of teleportation?”

“My flying car stalls on hover. What could be the cause?”

“The speech unit on my laundry robot has switched to Serbo-Croatian. How do I switch it back? Oh, and it’s stopped folding the laundry. What’s up with that?”

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What does this dream mean. . . ?

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How can I tell whether it likes me?

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Who would like to join me to congratulate Brian1946, for reaching 20K?!

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In my dream, my broken laundry robot told me it loves me… Does this mean I’m gray?

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What in the name of satan’s ballsack is/was fluther?

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Who would like to play The Jelly Below Me Part 410283?

The game rules are:

Respond to the question/statement from the poster above.
Ex: I might make the statement:
The Jelly below me drinks 10 cups of coffee daily

The response might be:
False! I hate coffee or,

Then they might state:
The Jelly below me has red hair.

There are no right or wrong answers, so be as creative as your heart desires.

Hopefully most Jellies will join in.

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What do you think rain was like? Could you drown while looking up?

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Are any other coast dwellers out there dealing with rising sea levels eroding their property?

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I need a way to see the content of old websites and a way to see inside old stores, and I only want the nice people to answer.

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The flux capacitor on my hover car is broken, how do I fix it?

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How do I please the Great and Powerful Robot Hivemind Overlord?

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How do I know if this android likes me?

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My fly-car seems to be losing energy. Should I change its fuel? I’ve been using Crabgrass 606 ultra fuel. Should I try a higher octane?

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Will the world really end on December 21th, 2112?

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“Who wants to invite Wundayatta into 1, 000, 000 mansion?”

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Are you going to buy in the upcoming Fluther IPO?

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H-how are you c-c-coping now that… now tha… ::sob:: c-chocolate chip coo… c-cookies h-have been… been ::sob:: banned?

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Does anyone have any good suggestions for what I can make in my replicator? I’m having a dinner party this weekend.

I met this totally awesome guy in OuterSpace, he lives on Neptune while I live here on Earth. Do you think our relationship will work out?

My brother said his Uranus itches, any ideas of what it might be?

What did my date mean when he said argubkknhoomng-wee-jekplop after our hot and steamy night on Jupiter?

I mind-melded with this guy and afterwards I never heard back from him, it’s been 2 light years. Should I expect him to contact me?

So there was this guy that i kind of likked and he seen me staring at him but he got a girlfriend, but he’s not actualy sleeping with her because her friend is friends with me and my friends and she would never do something like that because her dad is a mister and her mom works in the rectify at there church. i used to attending that same church but the pastoral at they’re church was also staring at my young friend and was always standing 2 close at hand with her while ignoring his own wife, who by the way is pragnent. So now I attending a new church up on our beautiful moon, instead of the old one on the space stayshen. So now I hardly ever get to see my crush because he’s still attending the other church, but my best friend broke the news to me that he’s his crush too. How can I take ravenge?

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Shit you son of a bitch, I’m randyknowyousuck and I have a question about q-tips. I only want the nice people to answer you lazyballs mothercockers.

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Is it still ok if I undergo a sex change for the sixth time in 8 years-? I plan on tossing a coin to decide which one I’ll go next, exclusively, since I have two functional organs right now. Btw, one of them is human.

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Do you believe that having sex with your clone is acceptable?

Does anyone know what it was like when people didn’t have to pay for oxygen?

Was Al Gore a real man?

Anyone looking forward to Friday the Thirteenth Part 47?

I’m also guessing that people will colonize the moon, and then Earthlings and Moonlings, or Lunarians, won’t get along, and there will be a shit load of debates about it.

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Who would ask the type of questions on Fluther they asked 100 years ago?

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