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Guys! Is there any way to get this video transferred to YouTube?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) July 30th, 2012

This is SO awesome, I want to share it with my students, but I can’t access Vimeo at work. I can get to YouTube, but I looked and looked and looked and can’t find THAT specific vid. Can any of you geeks help? If you can, I promise I’ll stop talking about you behind your backs! ♥♥♥♥ Promise!

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The video is already on YouTube. All you had to do was search for the same title.

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Man, I did! I searched by “Amazing Parkour Skills” I searched by “Biertijd,” I searched by combining both….I could NOT find it. Thanks @CWOTUS! Pssst! Hey! @WillWorkForChocolate…go to PM! I have something to tell you about @CWOTUS

Thanks, mon.

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Please keep track of how long it takes before one of your students shows up with a broken bone or two. I give it 2 weeks. Are you starting a betting pool?

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:) They already knew what it was @LuckyGuy. :) Plus they’re “adults.” That shite’s gotta be for kids who start at 12, 13 and hit pro at 17, 18. I guess it isn’t any more dangerous than skate boarding to the extreme. Yeah…I’m glad that video wasn’t around when my son was 15!

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I wonder exactly how someone practices that stuff. Over a swimming pool? And how did that kid (at the end of the video) get off the wall. Yikes!

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Well, if you look up “wall running” they have tutorials. They just start by running at walls and jumping at them. Eventually they run up them and flip over. Anywhere you look outside you can see places where they could “practice.”

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