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Do I upload on Vimeo or YouTube?

Asked by Mega91 (58points) June 25th, 2010

My friends and I recently started shooting in HD and we’re wondering which site would be preferable as an online portolio. We like Vimeo for its professional feel but a 500mb per week cap is an issue for the amount of videos we put up. While on the other hand YouTube doesn’t have a cap, but we feel its a bit unprofessional.

Where should we upload our stuff?

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I think Youtube, it doesn’t have to be professional and stuff! Just have fun doing what you love doing and see how it goes.

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i have heard of an alternative: dailymotion…..don’t know what it is like for your purposes though…

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Go for YouTube if you absolutely must get your videos up, and that cap on Vimeo is an issue. Youtube also seems to have a lot more views on it at a given moment. Vimeo is more professional for sure though…

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@Mega91 Why not put your best work on Vimeo and everything on YouTube? Or, put a sampler, say, for the past week on Vimeo of the videos that you placed on YouTube. Also there’s nothing wrong with putting samplers on all the video websites you can to drive traffic. Just some things to think about.

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If Vimeo has a too strict cap then I don’t think it even is an option, right? Plus, you’d definitely get more views at YouTube (which I also feel has been professionalizing recently).

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