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For the "Hitchiker's Guide" nerds, in which media was your first exposure?

Asked by syz (35843points) August 2nd, 2012

Inspired by the three boob question.

I first experienced The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy through the BBC radio production, and later read the “trilogy” of five books. If you know it, what was your first introduction? Stage, television series, video game, comic book, film? If you’ve experienced it in multiple forms, what was your favorite? (I still love the BBC radio production. I actually bought the set on cassette, but I have no idea where it is now.)

Yes, feeling a little nostalgic tonight.

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My first contact was the movie in a theater

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Book, of course. Long before there were any other media forms. Or indeed, even sequels. But alas, I am not qualified to answer this question. I cannot label myself with the N-word.

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^ Didn’t the radio show come first?

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The “trilogy” of books

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@syz Told you I wasn’t a nerd! But you could be right. And if so, then I think I heard that first.

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I read the books first.

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The book once it was compiled with the short story that goes before the last book. I’ve also watched the BBC show and the movie, but I hated the movie.

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@amujinx The movie WAS godawful.

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@Mr_Paradox I know. It was so disappointing. Especially when you can see how well it could be done with inferior special effects with the BBC show.

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My first exposure came from a friend quoting the 1981 television series at length. He then sat a bunch of us down to watch the entire thing on VHS. This inspired me to read the books, then listen to the radio show, and then partake in the various other formats. I really enjoyed the television series, but there’s just so much to love about the books. They’re still my favorite at the end of the day.

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Hard cover.

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Hitchhikinghe through Europe in the 80’s I stumbled across a paperback version in a youth hostel in Luxembourg. It was in one of those take a book, leave a book boxes – and yes, that was a glorious day.

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I first read the books, then watched the BBC series, then heard the radio series (which really came first). Later, the video game and the movie.

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BBC TV in the USA, oh God how long ago. . . !

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Also BBC TV, back when PBS could afford the series. I am tempted to read the books, having recenty (yesterday) been encouraged to by @Trillian.

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@filmfann I played a version on PC more than 25 years ago where you had to be Arthur, Trillian, Ford and… I think Zaphod. I would love to play that again. No pictures, not graphics, just dialogue. You had to type what the character did and figure the puzzels to advance the play. When I was Arthur, I was at a party with Trillian who was drunk and passed out. I typed; “Fuck Trillian”. The game typed back; “Ahem”.
@gailcalled Read them as soon as you are able. You can be one of us.

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@Trillian: What’s the advantage? Do I get a Hitcher’s discount at IHop and Disneyworld?

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I’ve only ever read the first book and saw the movie based on that. I keep meaning to read the rest of the books but you know how it goes, so many books so little time!

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The books. I enjoyed them much more than the big screen.

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@gailcalled No, you get a towel.

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@Trillian The Infocom parser was wonderful, and the games were crafted quite cleverly. I remember walking into a room, and being told there was a stool there. When I picked it up, I was told what kind of stool it was. Eeeewwwwwww.

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Nobody mention IHOP to me again. I will find one and go in and proceed to eat them out of red velvet pancakes. I know there has to be one around here somewhere, I’m in the south for chrissakes.
@gailcalled, @syz is correct. You learn to always keep track of your towel. You don’t appreciate it at this point, but that is only because you have yet to be educated on the finer points of towel uses.
@filmfann Hands down, best game I ever played! I would give much to do it again.

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as a hitch guilds nerd my first exposure was novel. It was odd I found this post considering my profile picture.

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The books first, then the TV show, then I went back and bought the radio show on tape. I still haven’t dared watch the American film. It will probably make me want to strangle myself with my towel.

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@downtide A better option might, perhaps, be to strangle the director….
Just sayin’

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@Trillian A better idea might be to go back in time and strangle him before the movie was made. BTW, does your username come from Hitch Hikers?

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@downtide Yes, it does. Though my eyes are not only not ridiculously brown, they’re not brown at all. ;-)

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@Trillian Are you talking to yourself?

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@filmfann how did I do that? I need a lie down.

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The book. I was in the Heathrow Airport with a long layover and a broken toe that I kept injuring on the luggage cart, where I found a bookstore. At the time I found the idea of hitchhiking a romantic one, and the title jumped out at me. I think I was expecting a farcical how-to book.
Some months later, my uncle (a reformed trucker, who listened to a lot of audiobooks) was telling me about this funny story where the Earth was blown up one day…
I was fortunate enough to find The Restaurant at the End of the Universe on tape (yes, actual tape) as read by Douglas Adams himself.

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In a bar where a convention was going on, and Marvin tried to pick me up with lugubrious lines about being totally worthy but thoroughly underappreciated.

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