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Leaking rear main seal. More info wanted?

Asked by Xkitsume (23points) August 2nd, 2012

Hello, I believe my car may have a leaky rear main seal. Oil is slowly leaking from the space between the transmission pan and the oil pan. I am estimating I loose about a quart of oil under heavy driving every month. I just replaced my head gaskets so I don’t have the money to fix this right away. If I keep filling the oil when it is low would there be any more problems associated with leaving my RMS leaky for a while? Would any damage be held on any other components that are near my RMS? Thanks for your time to answer!

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What kind of car?

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Dodge Stratus

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You can let it leak as long as their is sufficient oil for the engine to be properly lubricated, but be prepared the seal will leak faster over time. This is a cheap seal, but it is labor intensive to replace. The only drawback is you will leave an oil spot everywhere you go. Although you can let it leak for a little while it will eventually leak as fast as you can add oil, so don’t wait too long.

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@Xkitsume Not big on Dodges, but keep track of the oil levels and transmission fluids. As long as you keep replacing them you should be okay. It will be messy, as DrBill said.

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Alright will do. Thanks guys!

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FYI, both my current Corolla (an ‘85) and my first one (an ‘87) lost about a quart a week (~300 miles) on average. I just keep it topped up and it’s almost at 248k right now, so I;m not worried.

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also could head gasket job cause RMS to leak if done incorrectly?

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No, they are not related and not connected, one has no bearing on the other.

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