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Which avatars surprise you when viewed full size?

Asked by robmandu (21331points) June 2nd, 2008

For me, it was elchoopanebre. His thumbnail, I originally thought, was of a genial older gentleman. Scared the bejeebus outta me when I first saw the full size pic.

Which have caught you off guard?

Here’s how to view full-size avatar pictures.

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I always thought gailcalled’s avatar looked like a chicken, but it’s definitely not a chicken.

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lol I didn’t even know you could look at them full size….

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Elchoopanebre gave me a shock too! All this time I thought it was Dr. Phil! Wow, the drummer for Led Zeppelin, right?

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Haha! It’s John Bonham with a ridiculously over-sized grin.

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@tekn: have you had your eyes checked recently? Brwack.

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I thought Wildflower’s was an aerial view of a subdivision until I saw it within the last few days.

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How do you enlarge? It is true; some of the thumbnails are very murky. Banjo’s banjo and Simone54’s hand-drawn jelly are clear, however.

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right click on the image, open it in a new tab (or window) , go to the address bar and remove the _thumb after the image name, ending it with .jpg

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it took me a couple of attempts to figure out something that would be clear at the really small size. finally I gave up and just drew something in illustrator

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Or you can browse the directory.

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@jp, with the server upgrade, it looks like the “live” avatars on being hosted on a server where directory browsing has been disabled. The remove-“_thumb”-from-the-filename trick still works.

Agreed that for older Fluther members’ avatars, browsing the old directory is still fastest and preferable.

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Thanks rob. That actually explains a lot. I was looking for one the other day and couldn’t find it.

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@playthebanjo: I have an iMac and a mac mouse that doesn’t have l/r click. But thanks for the advice. I found that going to the directory worked just fine.

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@gail, whenever you see “right-click”, interpret as “Command-click” or “click and hold”... which should be equivalent and present you with a contextual menu.

Apple’s Mighty Mouse can give you right-click functionality (user definable). And of course, there are plenty of third-party options.

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@rob heh no ones surprised me because i usually look at them, elchoopanebre’s on the other hand did because i never took the time to look, and figured it was just a picture of a guy. Kinda creepy lol

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@Rob: the “Command-click” or “click and hold” works for a lot of curious things but not for changing size of avatar. The directory was great….and another wonderful way to waste time..just what I don’t need.

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