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What can be changed to make some of the rather primitive and boring Olympic events more interesting?

Asked by zensky (13418points) August 3rd, 2012

Shot put bores me to tears – and apparently I am not alone. In my other thread there were suggestions to change it to a grenade and blow up shit.

A hundred years ago – pigeons were shot at – and not the clay ones.

Javellin, discus and other eventzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… how would you jazz them up?

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Alligators in the pool?

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Alligators under the uneven bars and balance beam?

When I was a kid, our favorite playtime was on the swing-set and traversing it from one end to the other without getting near the ground because you know, there were alligators down there.

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It is all about editing.

This video made me really interested in women’s long jump.

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Just make them more dangerous, but wait…who would tune in to just watch the commies play? nevermind.

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Add explosions to ALL of the events. Mr_Paradox want big boom!

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Toss watermelons!

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Sidebar briefings on the particulars of the sport. Stats. Simulations. All the stuff that makes the sport interesting to its aficionados.
We were watching one of the women’s swimming events on the workplace hellovision, and the one competitive swimmer in our midst kept making comments like, “Man, look at that drag!” I had to ask whether or not he was favorably impressed (he was), and thought that maybe information like this – standards and records and whatnot – projected onto the screen could help us all enjoy the games more.

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@Nullo Obviously this question was asked half-seriously, and every sport, each and every one, has its afficionados – or it wouldn’t be an olympic event.

Having said that – I find swimmig to be very exciting anyway – and watching beautiful, fit women playing volleyball almost as good as sex.

But shotput? The commentators would say what exactly that could make that exciting? ~

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Obviously. But I feel that there is indeed room for improvement in terms of the spectacle.

Shotput: a brief history, a Who’s Who, and a breakdown of the physics involved.

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Thanks for contributing.

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Nudity would add a certain flare to the Olympics. :)

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Live targets on the Javelin, Discus, Throw and Put range.
Alligators in the broad jump
Carnivorous animals on track events
Full contact track events. Tripping and smiting encouraged.

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The original Olympic games were done in the nude. That could be fun. Or use body paint instead of uniforms. And use laurel wreaths for crowns. Have things being thrown, land in water and measure the water displacement as well as the distance thrown..

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I repeat; they should break stuff.

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I guess, that’s why cheerleaders are there!
…boys will be boys!

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The channel you’re watching ;¬}
I’d like to see sharks hunting down those awful synchronised swimmers with their painted on smiles & boring splahing about shit.

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On the last lap we shall release horse mounted apes with nets.

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Lurve that!

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@Nullo Informative.

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